Window Well Covers Kansas City

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Got a nice window that needs protecting? Learn all about window coverings, how they work and the different options available.

Window Well Covers Kansas City

Window Well Covers Kansas City

A window well is a strong increase in soil around the bottom of the window or halfway down the bottom of the window. A window well is designed to support the soil around the window, allowing light to enter and opening to the air.

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A window frame, usually metal or plastic, is a material designed to fit the window frame and prevent people or animals from falling inside. .

Anyone with a basement window should protect it with a good window covering. The potential danger to children and animals in the window well is serious, and the concern for the wildlife that lives well in the window is not worth it.

Rainwater that hangs in the window sill is a big problem that is difficult to clean out in the basement, and can cause a lot of water damage to walls and floors. Protecting yourself from good window coverings will help give you peace of mind when it rains or snows.

There are three main considerations when choosing the right window covering: shape, material (plastic or metal) and strength.

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Take your window measurements carefully before buying a cover, because it won’t do you much good if it doesn’t fit. Once you know the dimensions, choose the cover material.

Create as much light as possible from your basement windows, a good plastic window covers almost all transparency. They can be flat or domed, depending on your window shape and wall placement. Plastic covers are made of polyethylene and polycarbonate. If you choose the right plastic window, do your best to find one that is polycarbonate. This material is stronger than polyethylene and withstands high temperatures better.

Most flat, horizontal metal window coverings do little more than let in light and prevent drooping. Unless combined with a plastic cover, they do not keep rain or snow out. So if you buy one, make sure your window is well positioned in the well, or there is enough shelter on the roof to get over the water so it won’t be a problem.

Window Well Covers Kansas City

Whether you choose a metal or plastic cover, strength is an important consideration. Do you want to eliminate all chances of a child or animal falling into the window? If so, choose a sturdy metal grill style or a thick plastic cover to weigh hundreds of pounds. Just want to keep pests and precipitation out of the pond? A thin plastic cap that is not very strong will work well.

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If you go with thin plastic, you’ll pay $10 to $50 depending on the size. Metal mesh-style covers and some thick, sturdy plastic covers are more expensive, especially if you choose one with different metal parts (recommended) and additional features, such as hinges or high adjustment. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 or more for a good metal window covering. Whether metal or plastic, most modern quality window coverings will last ten years. There are many factors that play into our list of the best window coverings.

We no longer support IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide a current experience for browsers that support web standards and security practices. Egress windows and quality prefab window systems are important investments that protect your loved ones and add value. your house , and bring outside light and beauty.

We specialize in engineer-approved concrete window wells that meet exit requirements. The design gives you the strength of stone and the beauty of stone at an affordable price.

They responded quickly, worked on time as promised, and handled obstacles quickly at no extra cost. And I love the results.

Egress Window Well Covers

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Window Well Covers Kansas City

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Illumicast is a family owned and operated company committed to providing quality prefabricated products at a fair price.

Illumicast specializes in egress windows and quality prefabricated window systems. These wells have been producing since the mid-90s. We bought the business in 2009 and have been interested in creating new products, sizes, designs and improving the strength and beauty of the products. These wells have become the choice of many contractors who want a permanent well at an affordable price.

We are happy to help you with your custom precast projects, provide you with custom covers, and assist in any way we can.

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