Window Well Not Draining

Window Well Not Draining – Basement window wells are a common place for water to accumulate. If the well collects enough water, the window and/or window frame and your basement can get a lot of water.

Not all houses are built with window wells. It will be very difficult to serve. Debris, leaves, and grass clippings can easily clog drains if left unattended. Our 55+ years of experience have taught us that glass windows are not an adequate solution to this problem.

Window Well Not Draining

Window Well Not Draining

We offer a complete line of window wells, window wells and replacement liners.

How To Fix A Window Well That’s Filling With…

If your window wells are overflowing, we can design and install a new drainage system. If your window well liner is rusted or damaged, we can replace it. If your wells are open, we can also install custom window shutters.

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Window wells can be a great solution for bringing natural light into a dark basement, but are not without their problems. While you may appreciate the extra light while you’re doing laundry or working out in your makeshift gym, some issues may have you trading your window wells for some artificial light in the basement.

If you have window wells in your home, you know how easily leaves, debris, and crevices can clog them. Cleaning window wells can be tricky because you have to get down to ground level, which leads to frustration and often back pain.

Window Well Drainage Problems

But window wells have one worrisome potential problem—and that’s water. Unlike aquarium glass, windows are not designed to be completely leakproof, so if your window wells don’t drain properly, water can seep into your basement as a result. This can damage the drywall, flooring, and other materials in your basement and can even be the start of some serious basement problems.

Often, when people notice water coming into their basement from the window well, they replace their windows unnecessarily. Spending time and money, only to be disappointed when they realize that replacing their windows doesn’t solve the problem. The real problem has to do with the drainage system in the window well – or lack thereof.

Because of the potential problems with window wells, it’s important to regularly inspect them and remove debris that has accumulated in them. If you want to clean it more often, get some window well knobs from your local hardware store. This helps prevent leaves and other debris from entering the well.

Window Well Not Draining

When inspecting your window wells, if you notice that they are not draining well after heavy rain or snow melt, the best option is to call the experts at Canterra Foundation.

Window Well Drainage Problems And Repairs

Retrofitting window wells is a fairly simple process. It starts with drilling wells down to the cryogenic shale. A PVC drain window can allow water to enter your home through the window well into the drain. Liquid rubber is then used as a seal around the drain.

If you notice that water isn’t draining from your window well, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible if you want to avoid water damage and expensive repairs to your home. Contact Cantera Foundation today for an estimate on rebuilding your window wells with new drainage. Basement windows are great for bringing natural light or ventilation into your home and can be a water entry point if window wells are not installed properly.

Installing a window well is recommended when your basement window sill is at or below grade.

Without proper drainage, water can pool on your window. If the drain is clogged, it should be inspected and repaired. Also, if the well bends or rises from the wall, it needs to be reattached or replaced.

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Installing a window well is important to allow water to flow into the basement and out of the house. When your basement windows are in poor condition, consider the following factors to ensure your window wells are working properly:

A window well drain is a very effective way to prevent water from pooling in the well and leaking into the basement. Without drainage, wells run the risk of leaking water or overflowing from heavy rains, leading to window damage, mold or a wet basement.

If they are not, they will begin to bend and the earth below will begin to fall into the well and eventually clog your drain.

Window Well Not Draining

Window wells collect runoff below the rotted tile system, allowing the water to spread to specific drainage points. Like your household sink, this simple system is useful, but only works if it’s clogged.

What Is A French Drain System

We can dig down the whip tile and fit it properly into the well wall to ensure your drain is working properly. Additionally, we will analyze your soil compaction. Proper compaction of your soil is essential to allow for proper drainage and to prevent potholes around windows due to water loss. Sinkholes are bad news because they allow earth to flow into the well and eventually block the drain.

One way to better check your window drains is to use a hose and drop some water on the window to see how it drains. Don’t do this for too long, but long enough to see if pooling is occurring, or to see that the water doesn’t drain and return. A little water will collect, but it should eventually drain and not fill the window well. If it doesn’t drain or the window fills well, there is a drainage problem. Heavy rains will show the same results as the pipe test, and window wells should be treated to prevent future water leakage problems.

Homeowners who experience large amounts of persistent debris when filling their window wells should consider custom-sized window wells. They go above the window and prevent large windblown sticks, leaves, and large debris from blowing into your window well and clogging the drain. This is a simple solution to ensure window wells stay clean and drain properly all year round.

If you’re experiencing any of these common window well problems, call our window well repair experts for a consultation. Common problems include:

Common Causes Of Window Well Problems

If you notice these issues, don’t wait too long to get them checked out. Window wells can be a vulnerable point in protecting your home from leaks, and proper window well maintenance can make the difference between a dry or wet foundation.

Window well drain installation requires a few steps and is not difficult for an experienced waterproofing team. Excavation to the base or weeping shell is necessary. The drain pipe shall be installed with a debris cover that will allow water to drain but not material that may block the drain. The window well is then filled with gravel and tested for proper drainage.

If you want the ability to escape from your basement in an emergency, know that window size is important.

Window Well Not Draining

A window that opens into a window well has certain requirements according to the building code so that people can exit the basement through the window well without any problems.

Wet Walls Are A Problem

Larger windows, of course, require larger window wells. Talk to our expert window well installers about your specific needs. Some homeowners consider window wells to drain after a heavy rain until the basement floods. When window wells do not have adequate drainage or are not properly installed, standing water often flows directly through the basement window, resulting in basement flooding in a very short period of time.

Window wells are usually made of galvanized steel; It should be installed whenever the basement window is at or below the level of the window (soil volume adjacent to the window). The role of the window well is to prevent rainwater and surface runoff from flowing through the basement window directly into the basement.

When rainwater and/or melting snow brings significant amounts of water near a basement window, the window well contains water and prevents water from flowing in that direction.

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