Window Wiper For House

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How to wash windows Many of us make mistakes in seemingly simple tasks. Example: window cleaning. It may look easy, but in fact, even the most experienced spring cleaner can benefit from a window cleaning refresher course.

Window Wiper For House

Window Wiper For House

Even when the sun is shining, you can’t get the maximum amount of natural light into your home if your windows are covered in a film of dirt, dust, insect spray, or water stains. To fully enjoy the long days and great outdoor views, window cleaning should be at the top of our spring cleaning list – and it should be on your list.

Ways To Clean Outside Windows Before Winter

Luckily, the window cleaning process is quite simple. There are many commercial window cleaners out there, all of which promise to give you a “flawless shine.” But we have found that a simple solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water is ideal for mixing in a spray bottle.

Whether you choose a store-bought cleaner or a homemade vinegar solution, get started with these tips and techniques for cleaning windows inside and out to make the job quick and easy.

Note: It’s best to work on a cool, overcast day so that the soapy water and window cleaning solution don’t dry out on your windows.

Sometimes windows get dirty with mineral deposits, especially in hard water areas. There are several ways to clean windows damaged by mineral deposits, but a commercial cleaner is the best choice. For example, CLR (available on Amazon) removes calcium, lime and rust stains; just follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using.

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While window cleaning can be a “pain”, it’s well worth it to enjoy the unobstructed view… and let the sun shine in!

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