Window Wizard Boise Idaho

Window Wizard Boise Idaho – “I’m glad the SBDC helped get things started. And their information on how to find and hire employees will be very useful.”

Dustin Gayler joined the Southeast Idaho Small Business Development Center in 2018. He used to work at a window tinting car dealership and wanted to start his own business, which he did. The SBDC helped him come up with a plan. Business and Cash Flow Forecasts And took out a personal loan to start a business. In the first year, he did more work than the dealership. Install window film and clear car underwear. It then expanded its services to include architectural window film. Christmas light installation and window washing

Window Wizard Boise Idaho

Window Wizard Boise Idaho

In 2019, the SBDC wrote an article about him in a local newspaper: “I got two jobs because of him,” Gayler recalls.

Window Wizard Boise, Idaho

In early 2020, Gayler shifted its focus to residential and commercial window films. And it has seen sales double during the COVID-19 pandemic. He added the installation and spraying of an anti-microbial film. “Everyone works from home, and they call me and say, ‘My house is hot!’

In early 2021, Gayler sold part of its glass cleaning business. and used the money to open a new window repair shop in Idaho Falls. “Sunstoppers” launched its activities in the luxury car market in June 2021. Currently, it serves high-end customers to high-end customers. This includes benefits like free Uber rides for customers.

For residential and commercial glazing, “I stopped doing transactions and started focusing on customer service. Marketing has become more about creating collaborations with interior designers and architects. “When I stopped advertising, I got a high-level job by word of mouth,” Geiler said. He passed the small bill to another business.

Its reach for automotive, residential and commercial customers now stretches from Jackson to Pocatello. Gays currently has two full-time employees. and will begin recruiting elementary, middle school and high school students in BOISE, ID — Idaho later this year. It teamed up with 24 schools in 10 states to produce The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which premiered Sunday at the Egyptian Theater in Boise.

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Wonder Media CEO and executive producer of the film, Terry Toren, said this is the first feature-length animated film produced by the students.

“We all love cartoons. So the ability to come to school And actually make cartoons. The ability to create movies based on the most popular movies of all time. never heard of it before,” Thoren said.

With Story Maker, students oversee animation, background, performance, and sound design.

Window Wizard Boise Idaho

“We teach children to write because if you want to get a job in business. you have to learn to write. You have to learn punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, beginnings, middles, endings,” says Thorne.

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The kids also sang live for the film in real time. One actress said she loved She’s always been The Wizard of Oz, which inspired her to audition.

“I like watching The Wizard of Oz. And my favorite part is when he runs into the tornado. And he made it to Munchkinsland,” said Wilder’s student Emily Stradley.

“It’s very important to me today to see what happened at Grauman’s Chinese in Egypt when they put out the raccoons on Hollywood Boulevard in Boise. Equally proud,” Toren said.

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