Window World 189 Installed

Window World 189 Installed – Windows World is one of the largest window installation companies in the United States. With 205 franchisees operating in 46 states, it truly manages to be national and local at the same time. It has an aggressive marketing campaign pushing cheap windows, fast installation and labor guarantees, but generally “what’s cheap in the short term costs more in the long term”. Online reviews for Window World are what you might call a “mixed bag” but run more negative than positive.

The sheer size of Window World inevitably means dissatisfied customers and the franchise nature of the business means that not all of these complaints are dealt with in a timely or satisfactory manner. When subcontracted installers are paid per window the result is a push for faster completion and this often indicates poor workmanship. Using subcontractors can cause variable labor quality and lack of infrastructure, or willingness to deal with subsequent customer complaints, common gripes about Window World. Still, the franchise has the advantage of local installers, so it’s easy to research the quality of their work on websites like Angie’s List.

Window World 189 Installed

Window World 189 Installed

One of the best guarantees for quality workmanship is a labor warranty. Companies that know they don’t cut corners have no problem offering lifetime labor warranties that take the time to do excellent work and deliver quality materials. A good rule of thumb is to avoid contractors who only offer short-term job guarantees. You can also find other sites where they work in your area and visit them to see the quality of the work.

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Window World’s biggest marketing ploy is its $189 window replacement promise, a promise reliably reported (websites with Window World reviews such as and are impossible to honor with windows of that price or lower quality. It will cost more in the long run. Cheap windows, low quality materials and poor installation can increase energy bills, ensure a limited lifespan for windows and cause insurance issues.

This is really a bait and switch sales strategy; Cheap ads get people to pick up the phone, help push a quick sale for a “limited time offer,” are loaded with additional hidden costs, and often leave the homeowner to open the mess. It is truly a shame that a major American company with an A+ BBB rating in business since 1995 has to use such sales tactics.

The main reasons why people install new windows are to reduce their energy costs by up to 70%, to increase the value of their home, 60% of the cost of the window is usually recouped in the sale, and to replace windows that leak water or cause drafts. . Window world’s budget $189 window Alcide Excalibur 1000 series and Sheffield vinyl windows, but they offer a wide range of products from vinyl siding garage doors and window lights.

With six different window styles, all available in different sizes or window options, eight color options, seven lattice styles, four cut glass styles and nine exterior color options, there is something to suit every home. However, most cost more than $189 installed! A more realistic cost is $250 to $500 per window, depending on size, materials and extras, for energy-efficient tinting or triple glazing with inert gas filling.

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Window Word is definitely a one-stop shop for new windows, taking care to look for local installers, making it a great choice if you’re in the market to replace your windows. There are many myths behind the $189 replacement window. Make homeowners think twice. Although these windows can easily fit into an exterior upgrade budget, things are not always what they seem with this replacement window option.

Before you pick up the phone to ask about $189 Windows, here are some important things to keep in mind:

If a homeowner buys a $189 replacement window, they may be a little disappointed the next time they pay their utility bills. Replacement windows can certainly save homeowners a lot of energy—in some cases more than $400 a year—so don’t expect much from a $189 window.

Window World 189 Installed

That’s because the $189 window doesn’t include energy-saving features like argon or krypton gases. These gases are an important factor in increasing the energy efficiency of your home, resulting in extraordinary energy savings throughout the year.

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Furthermore, the $189 windows do not include Low-E glazing. Low-E glazing is designed to reflect internal temperatures, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

If you want to add any of these features to your new windows, the price will increase significantly.

Without adding these important features, there is no point in replacing your windows. Apart from reducing the draft, gas or unglazed windows do not offer maximum energy savings. If you’re drawn to a low-performance window because of price, a quality window company like Universal Windows Direct has an efficient window to fit any budget.

In the world of replacement windows, you basically get what you pay for. Another reason $189 windows are so cheap are their vinyl filler ingredients. These ingredients allow manufacturers to drastically reduce window costs—but they also cause problems for homeowners.

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Replacement windows with lots of filler will wear faster than high quality vinyl windows. What should you see? Replacement window frame made of 100% pure virgin vinyl. You will get a much longer lifespan for your new windows of around 20 years.

In addition to a short lifespan, here are additional signs that you have low-quality replacement windows on your hands:

With quality windows, you can see and feel the difference. Window models that exhibit unique quality are usually provided during your home appraisal.

Window World 189 Installed

If you get a window price of $189, that price represents the cost of a simple window with no upgrades or features. Not only does the window lack energy-saving features, you also don’t get any style options.

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The best part about replacing old windows is that you can design new, beautiful windows exactly how you want them to look.

There are countless combinations of glass styles, lattice options, paint colors and wood finishes that you can choose from with your home in mind. These beauty features can transform a home, but will never be an option for only $189.

Although aesthetics play a large role in window prices, there are other window replacement factors that affect the overall cost:

The reality is that companies advertise $189 windows to arrive at your door, with the general goal of selling you on various features. When you add in energy-saving glass packaging and custom aesthetic designs, your $189 window is significantly more expensive.

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How does this happen? A big factor is the window style. With $189 windows, only select styles are included. Often this is a double hung window. If you have your heart set on a different style, such as a large bay window, you may be disappointed in your final quote.

Don’t forget, the warranty is built into the cost of your windows. The $189 window indicates no warranty. This is a risky game. You will need follow-up services to address the various potential problems that a cheap window can cause.

A guaranteed window will cost more, but you’ll have coverage for many aspects of the window – including details you might not have considered, such as seal failure, cracks and parts of the window.

Window World 189 Installed

FYI: Not all window ads are deceptive. Sometimes you can legitimately save money during special promotions or offers. You can earn fast money by referring friends.

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Now you know that $189 windows aren’t all cracked, but what are the exact factors that affect the price of quality replacement windows.

Think about the time you went to Sam’s Club or Costco and got an overpriced K-Cups for your Keurig coffee maker. Buying in bulk helped keep costs down for convenience.

Next, think of a time when you went to a local coffee shop and had a delicious latte. It’s more expensive than what you’d pay for a K-Cup from your massive shopping trip, but the quality and experience are unmatched.

Just like your bulky K-cup, the $189 windows are often mass produced. This mass production makes the window cheaper for you, but in the long run you lose out when it comes to the quality of your window installation and performance.

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But just like your latte, custom windows are made to order—every single one of them. Uniquely shaped window sizes are carefully designed to fit the exact specifications of the opening, as the correct fit makes all the difference to your energy.

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