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Window World Grayson Ky – In the dark Netflix drama I Care a Lot, a court-appointed guardian causes chaos, a story that is much closer to the truth than you might expect.

“My mom: I get to see her whenever I want,” a man pleads before a judge at the beginning of Netflix’s new movie I Care a Lot. “He does not need to be in a place of care, he does not need a guardian appointed by the court. He has a loving son to take care of. I just don’t understand how the court can put my mother on this person I don’t know.

Window World Grayson Ky

Window World Grayson Ky

Suffering even more under the icy gaze of Marla Grayson, played by Rosamund Pike, she pleads: “Miss Grayson forced my mother into the house when she made it clear that she did not want to go and Now he has sold my mother’s house, his car, his belongings and is using the money to pay for admission. And now Mother Grayson has stopped me from seeing my mother.

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The film is fiction, but the story is all too familiar to thousands of Americans whose aging parents are trapped in poorly managed caregiving programs. Many speak of a sense of helplessness in the face of a system plagued by abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable people for profit.

The opening scene of I Care a Lot, for example, would appeal to Doug Franks. When he and his brother Charles disagreed over where their 89-year-old mother Ernestine would live, the dispute led to a judge choosing a company that would take care of her. his responsibility. It was the beginning of a four-year nightmare.

Franks, whose visits were limited to a few hours at a time, remembers, “They would go out to buy food for my mother like a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He needed heart-healthy foods and he wasn’t following them, so he ate foods that actually killed him faster than he should have.

Guardianship refers to a legal relationship established by the court between a guardian – a family member or professional – and a person who is usually old and considered to be in decline. Caregivers have tremendous power, often deciding where the person should live, what access family members should have, when they seek medical care and how to spend the money. How did they save it when they retired?

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An estimated 1.3 million seniors are in the hands of trustees who manage their assets of about $50 billion. The poorly understood system has long suffered from a lack of oversight, transparency and basic security.

Karen Buck, executive director of the Pennsylvania-based SeniorLAW Center, said: “It’s a state that comes in and takes your most important decision away from you, your basic right to self-determination, and gives a person decisions that something else could be. completely foreign to you.. So it’s a very strong step and you don’t get much attention until problems and scandals arise.

It’s a sign of how undervalued adults are in America, Buck added. “Most of the people in their care are older people and in this country we don’t value the lives of older people enough, we don’t value their health care enough, we don’t value it enough their long-term care, not appreciating their independence and their contributions.”

Window World Grayson Ky

In I Care a Lot, Grayson is an unscrupulous court-appointed paralegal who scams his elderly clients and traps them in his care. He divides the world between predator and prey and he is firmly in the first category. Although the film, starring Peter Dinklage and Eiza González, soon moves into the realm of dark improbable pleasures, its original meaning is based on a sad truth.

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Sam Sugar, founder of Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship, said: ‘I have seen the preview and it accurately describes what a guardian does and how they act with impunity and without worry, as long as they win. and as long as profit means they get money from the person they are protecting.

“It’s amazing. I was shocked when I learned about this 10 years ago and 99% of America, 99% of the world has no idea how dangerous it is and how easy it is for someone or anyone caught in it.

He noted the case of Rebecca Fierle-Santoian, who at one time had 450 caregivers in Florida, was arrested last year for abuse and neglect after the death of her husband. 74 years under his care in Tampa. The local law enforcement agency said it was ordered to poke the man’s tube, ignoring doctors who told him it could kill him.

Sugar, the author of Guardianships and The Elderly: The Perfect Crime and one of the most critical of this system, continues: “What happens in these cases is to accuse, isolate, take power, burn. In other words, lawyers identify or identify a potential victim for them, go to a judge, and the judge begins the process of finding the person incompetent. Everything is done in secret; no one is sharing information.

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“The affected person or their family are given little or sometimes no warning that this is happening and by the time they know it is too late to hire a lawyer. The whole system depends on one thing and that is to transfer wealth. No one in the justice system cares about an elderly person and if you try to fight the system you will be ruined.

He adds: “Elderly people are deprived of their rights: every penny, every asset, every property, every account . Everything passes under the control of an unguarded or unattended guardian.

Yet this issue has received far less attention than child abuse. Accurate data is notoriously hard to come by. Each of the 50 states has its own system, court records are often sealed, and there is a lack of standard reporting. In Nevada, for example, the situation was “very bad,” recalls Barbara Buckley, executive director of the Southern Nevada Legal Aid Center.

Window World Grayson Ky

He says: “We had a for-profit guide who was taking advantage of individuals and families through theft. “He was knocking on people’s doors and said now there is a guardian and I am your guardian and I continue to take them out of their beautiful home, sell all their memories and put in a scary place, to separate them.

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“And then when the family members found out about this, they challenged it and the guardian’s attorney was very cunning. They were like, ‘Oh, well, this family member is have an anger problem or an anger problem. drugs”. it would suggest that they were good, neutral, innocent.

In 2015, the Nevada Supreme Court created the Guardianship Commission to review the guardianship system and introduce reforms. The first is that when someone files for guardianship, a non-profit legal advisor is appointed for the intended protected person, who has a say in choosing their guardian and what the rules are.

Buckley says: “It is our office and the key to the situation is that it is independent. We are not paid by the property. We have no interest in this matter to draw or have our own financial goals and we work on the principles that we believe that the protected person has rights. Just because someone is in care doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be in control of important aspects of their care. Man does not become chattel.

In I Care a Lot, an old woman is placed in a nursing home by Grayson and is soon denied her cell phone or the right to go outside for fresh air. His angry resistance to confinement seems to be proof that he is unstable and a danger to himself and others.

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Franks, however, was eventually granted her mother’s freedom after she pressured authorities into testifying in multiple court hearings, though she said at the time more than $200,000 it was taken out of his trust fund, partly to pay his guardian’s lawyers.

“He was badly affected but he recovered,” said the 63-year-old from Acworth, Georgia. “I had to give him an enema and I had a nurse there. To do something like this to your mother is like, “Jesus, I don’t want to do this,” I had to do it, no matter what. I found it to be constant. That’s how much I loved him and how much I didn’t want him to suffer and those people didn’t care.

Franks, a technology consultant who continues to push for guardianship reform, becomes emotional as she remembers how she was born dyslexic and her mother did everything she could to help her. help after school. “For something like this to happen to him and for me not to fight was not an option.

Window World Grayson Ky

“I wasn’t going to stop until I freed him and I did

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