Window World Indianapolis Indiana

Window World Indianapolis Indiana – Headquartered in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Window World is America’s largest window replacement and exterior repair company with over 200 locations nationwide. Founded in 1995, the company sells and installs windows, siding and other outdoor products. To date, 19 million windows have been sold.

In 2000, Jeff Pittenger was living in Louisville doing contract work, including windows and siding, when one day he saw a man putting up a Window World sign in the area. He asked his partner if he needed someone to install the windows and what else he knew he was selling.

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

“Once I got into that part of the business, I never picked up a hammer again,” says Jeff, who brought his retired stepfather Ken Shake to join the team. Ken retired from the Naval Surface Warfare Base in Louisville as head of welding, fiberglass, piping, and fabrication. Engaged in the development and maintenance of ship weapons systems. According to Jeff, Ken “couldn’t sit still” after his retirement, Window World was a big change.

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In 2005, they had the opportunity to open a Window World store in Indianapolis. Jeff didn’t have the money to buy the franchise himself, so he turned to his grandfather for help. Ken moved to Indiana with his wife Sally and Jeff and his wife Leslie.

Specializing in windows, siding, doors and more, Window World quickly became a family business when Jeff’s wife, Leslie, took over the office. They later opened stores in Muncie, Columbus, Terre Haute and Lafayette. Today, their daughter Stephanie runs Lafayette, Jeff’s son Brandon runs Terre Haute and Jeff’s cousins ​​Tom and Lillian Faubush run Columbus. As for the Indy location, the installation department is run by a married couple, Scott and Andy Holloway.

“Scott has been with us since 2005,” says Leslie, noting that he started out as an installer, then moved into sales and management. “We are a close-knit, family-oriented business, known locally but locally.”

“We offer free, no-pressure consultations at a transparent price,” Jeff says. “There is no ‘buy one, get one free’ scam or fake ‘get it today’ discounts. Our goal is to offer only the best products with integrity and reliability, and to do so at the best prices.” At the bottom. We just offer the best for the least money.”

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Window World is an environmentally friendly company. By reducing the carbon footprint, less energy is used, which saves consumers money.

“It’s different now, starting with the media,” Jeff says. “Back then, we only did newspaper advertising. I remember how we laughed and said that we would not do advertising on radio, television and billboards. Now we do it all and about 40% of our work is referrals and referrals. “

They also experience the joy of giving back to the community they love and nonprofits they believe in, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which treats children with cancer and researches treatments for young adults with life-threatening illnesses. Since 2008, the Mir Okon company has been raising and providing St. Petersburg. Jude is over $11 million and was Company Partner of the Year in 2010.

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

They support Riley Children’s Hospital and the Veterans Airlift Command, which provides free airlifts for 9/11 wounded and their families for medical and other purposes.

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“We have a big rivalry because for the last nine years we have supported John Andretti and his son Jarett in the Daytona 500, Indy 500 and Sprint Car & GT-4 Racing,” says Leslie. In addition, Window World hosts the annual John’s Race for Riley Progressive Dinner, which is a fundraising night that includes a silent and live auction.

“The first year that John Andretti started the Riley Race, it raised about $3,000. Last year it was about $360,000 so far,” Jeff says. “You can’t explain how different it is for kids who go to the hospital and learn how to care for a sick child. Our grandson was first in the hospital in Terre Haute before he was transferred to Riley and it was overnight. and the difference a day in the care he received.”

Clients always tell Jeff and Leslie how much they appreciate the care and professionalism they always show. Check them out on the Better Business Bureau website.

“Many companies refuse to even come out and talk to you if the decision makers aren’t in the house, but that’s not how we work,” Leslie says. “If there is only a couple, we will still go out and offer a free plan. There is not much pressure on us because we offer a good price in advance.”

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“If you break a window, we will replace it for free as long as the buyer lives in it,” Leslie said.

Window World received the JD Power Award for the highest score in Windows and Patio Door Satisfaction Survey 2019.

“We have been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among window and patio manufacturers for five of the past seven years,” says Leslie.

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

“I remember going to a meeting at our corporate office and I saw a banner over the building that said 60,000 Windows Sold, which is a huge number,” Jeff says. “It’s hard to believe that there are already 19 million of us.”

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The whole family loves their job at Window World, but they are also excited to keep the business in the family and one day pass the channel on to the next generation. Family members are already used to doing business, whether it’s helping out in the warehouse or just looking for good publicity.

“Our kids appear in a lot of TV commercials and social media in Terre Haute and people are always saying, ‘These kids are cute!’” says Leslie.

The mission of Window World is to provide its customers with quality products at reasonable prices, as well as excellent and timely service. Their goal is to provide their employees with a comfortable working environment to achieve their career goals and to help achieve the goals of the World of Windows.

Window World is located at 1229 Country Club Road, Indianapolis, NA 46234. For more information about Window World, call 317-209-0008, email, or visit them online at . This is an archived story. The information in this article may be out of date. Please check the timestamp on the article to see when it was last updated.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana. – Indianapolis-based Sojos Capital has announced plans to transform the Lafayette Square Mall and surrounding area into an exciting new neighborhood called “Window on the World.”

An initial $200 million investment will transform the mall into a mixed-use campus that will house housing, entertainment, retail, and restaurants. The plan will include:

In addition, the project and its surroundings will include indoor and outdoor sports and training camps, charter schools, concert halls and more:

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

Sojos Capital CEO Fabio De La Cruz said the goal of this project is to move away from the traditional mall model and create something like a new district.

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“I love this area, I love everything,” De La Cruz said. “I think its uniqueness will make everyone in the city feel better.”

The Lafayette Square Mall has been in decline for many years. Although the mall still has tenants, the building and parking lot are mostly empty. Neighboring residents said they were delighted to hear about the plan to breathe new life into the area.

“I saw this place fall into disrepair,” said Elizabeth Booker. “I hope this makes it a place where people want to go and not just a fast ride.”

“It will bring a lot of people to the city and it will bring a lot of jobs and opportunities,” said Felicia Jefferson. children, your community, your family. “

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Matthew Will, assistant professor of finance at the University of Indianapolis, said the plan is promising as it recognizes past failed attempts to save the mall.

“You have a population to serve, but do you have amenities that people need?” he said. “I think this program is a very good mix of both and I think it has a good chance of being successful.”

The Department of Urban Development is looking to partner with SojosCapitaland on the northwest section of the Lafayette Square Mall redevelopment. The planned investment, a large sum announced today, represents a great opportunity to grow and promote growth in the international market, the neighborhood is important for the equity and prosperity of Indianapolis. Scarlett Andrews.

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

De La Cruz said Sojos Capital is still in talks with the city about tax breaks and improvements to several nearby roads.

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“Sojos Capital has raised and closed the Opportunity Zone Qualified Fund, which is the main source of capital for Window on the World,” Sojos Capital said in a statement.

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