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The other day I was a little late getting my hair done. Like too late. My roots are so bad, my ends are dead… and it’s time for a full recovery to where I feel so, so beautiful. Maybe it was my last experience in a lounge chair that kept me from doing it any faster. Maybe it’s true that after the exchange I have to find a new one and it takes time. Maybe it’s true that I look like Mufasa stuck his finger in a light hole.

Window World Installation Process

Window World Installation Process

I canceled the appointment because I didn’t have time at the end of the day. But then I finally went, I was very happy with the fun. Did you know that you can find people with beautiful hair? Because I’m lucky it happened so quickly. What a hair appointment can change. Later, I kept stroking my hair in the car, asking Jamin if he was excited to marry a hair model. From there, it quickly grew from a “she was totally happy and married” hair model with fabulous hair that set her overall direction every time I spoke.

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These new windows are like this. I want to dance and tra-la-la over the flower fields and happily present my new hairstyle in the form of a house and a new window. Since Great Window World arrived at our home last Wednesday, all we can say is that the scenery and the sound of progress after all the “fun” of waiting for building permits … is a gloriously beautiful story.

The new window is just the beginning of the external transformation. We plan to replace this side and more.

But I said it was like having a haircut in our house. Elegant haircuts that add a lot of magnificence that people don’t know are different… but they know something important has happened. It’s actually more like botox. And that’s when our house gets the botox treatment in the form of amazing new windows and we’re there to see the whole hall.

Side note: Did you see how my mind just went from drawing to botox after the hairstyle? Thanks for following this. So Iroll.

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It was a beautiful and easy process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Aknamaalim. Because if you read our progress, you know we’re overdue.

As soon as they entered, the sky light fell. I was even lucky enough to photograph it with my camera. I should have had a video at that time too because there were so many angelic voices in beautiful harmony. And that was before the trim was installed.

Yes, I really do have a knack for sequels. But serious. It’s funny…I should know, but the original home color was a nice brown UPS. Obviously the brown UPS is following us. And we’re very curious about the process, we’re very excited to capture it all.

Window World Installation Process

And we are very excited that although we plan to build an outdoor house as soon as possible …. This is a major plus for us.

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Excellent installers take care of reworking our existing parts. It is a non-invasive and quick process. Our Mother Goddess waved her magic clasps and gave him a night at the prom. Botox. Oh, we mean a new window.

It might sound crazy, but you know what else we’re going to surprise you with? How big our windows look. Which makes the room bigger. Like getting bangs to make your eyes light up. Yes, I will continue with this metaphor. I won’t let it die. My excitement level is directly proportional to all the metaphors.

We imagine a finishing place with open windows for great autumn ventilation. We can’t wait to show you how we use our screens too. I’m usually against the screen, but it’s very attractive and blends in well with the windows, obviously they’ll stay the same. They only extend half the width of the window, so they don’t detract from anything aesthetic. We can even raise the screen to the top and lower the top of the window to let in less air that way. And actually enjoy the fresh air without running from the birds, because I may or may not.

Jamin is generally excited about this electricity bill, which is sure to surprise us soon.

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When the first widow is removed and the new window in the outer box is installed. It was smooth sailing from there.

It started with a consultation and quote, we ordered and they came. They are installed. Awesome… I was looking for my camera when they finished half way through. And I don’t panic about the side or what works. It requires no effort. Finally.

We couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to show you more of the interiors and how they work with our interior and our new decor… and also how we plan to use them… and take a look at other aspects of the exterior too. Line.

Window World Installation Process

Do not worry. They will also have their place in the future with their charm. Whose greenhouse? I need a new place for my favorite tomatoes and zucchini all year round.

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:: This post was brought to you in partnership with Window World. All feedback is 100% ours. Read our full presentation on partnerships here: Most homeowners only go through this process once or twice in their lives, so if you don’t know what to expect, you’re in good company. While every situation is unique, this is a basic expectation for meeting with your window installer.

Open your window. Remove blinds and shades before the installer arrives so they have easy access to each window. If you have plants, picture frames, or other decorations on the window, you’ll want to move them away from the front as well.

Clear the way. Your installer needs a clear path to your windows, both indoors and outdoors. Bring toys, furniture, rugs, lamps and breakables into your home. Outside of your home, clear any possible obstructions such as grills, flower pots, outdoor toys and furniture. Basically, you want to move something that can cause delays or damage.

Defend your place. This project is safe to cut, polish and paint. Drop fabric protects your floor and furniture inside and flower beds and other landscaping outside.

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Assign access to the installer. Decide in advance which door the crew will use to enter and exit your home. Communicate this information with the installer before they arrive.

Works with installers. Before starting work, take a quick walk-through with the installer to go through each window that needs replacing. Make sure the right windows are allocated and everyone knows which windows to turn to.

Check the window label. Check your logo in a new window again. If you’ve ordered ENERGY STAR® qualified windows but the label says otherwise, you’ll need this address before starting work.

Window World Installation Process

Old windows should be replaced immediately after removal. Depending on the size of the job, you will likely have several crew members at your home. One group of installers removes Windows, the other one brings new ones. From time to time, the old windows are moved outside. Window World works on a one-to-one basis, meaning windows are removed and replaced at the same time. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it should not happen that the installer has moved to another window and left the Opening without windows.

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The installer adds an external handle. An installer will add exterior trim to your windows. The interior design or handle is designed to provide a weatherproof seal.

Available. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and get involved in your project, but avoid hovering or leading the team, which can hinder progress. Have faith in the installers ability to do their job well. They may not need your input at all during the installation process.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Broken glass, tiles, cracks, detecting existing water damage – these are rare but can happen. Incidents that may arise during the repair cannot be planned in advance, so it is good to get into a situation that happens prepared.

Test your windows. Take the time to open, close, lock, and open each new window as soon as possible. If you notice problems, the sooner you report them to Windows, the better.

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Make sure your home is clean. This does not mean that your home will be dust and dust free, but the team should

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