Window World Marion Il

Window World Marion Il – Marion Cultural and Civic Center has become a center of entertainment in recent months with four to five shows per month and recent sales figures. Picture of a southern paper

As executive director of the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, Benson works many weeks and nights because the performance opportunities she manages are never-ending.

Window World Marion Il

Window World Marion Il

Especially in the months after the restrictions of COVID-19, the place in Marion’s Tower Square is the place of concerts, games and various special events, but Benson said that the event started happening even before the start. of infectious diseases. .

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“It’s going back to pre-Covid,” Benson said. “When Mayor Absher took office, he immediately said he wanted to drive the city because the only way businesses are going to be successful is for people to live and one of the ways people can live now is through cultural development in the city of Marion. The center is the main entertainment center in southern Illinois.”

He took that advice to heart and at the beginning of the pandemic, Benson said there were 20 unannounced shows that had to be postponed. Several updates have been made in the past month with more on the way.

Now, Benson said the venue is regularly used for “three to four major events a month,” including venues for promoters or other renters as well as Marion city shows and services. of promotion, booking. Behavior and financial risk.

“I’ve always looked at the business model in the Civic Center as something that needs to change,” explained Mayor Mike Absher. “What I’m saying is mainly, it’s a rental model that if someone wants to promote a show, they can rent the place to make a profit or lose. I think it’s important for us, as a community, to list some of them. our own shows and the rental model, I see it as an economic engine for bringing people here.”

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Benson said there are some risks involved in promoting the show, but so far, the process has been successful, with executives reporting several sold-out shows in recent months.

“I would say it’s a guessing game that’s been well researched,” Benson said of the drafters. “There’s risk in any show, but it’s about talking to people and finding out if they’re interested. It’s about really talking to people.”

“Some of our promoters have started doing bigger shows to match what we’re doing and we’ve had a few promoters that have brought in a little bit and had success. They’re starting to think that they can invest more or invest more and more money. artists because we have shown that it is possible,” said Benson.

Window World Marion Il

“You will have some shows that are successful and some that are dangerous and maybe lose a little money,” said the mayor. “I think you try to be average. The trick is that you can’t have that kind of behavior. Every time you want to attract a different audience and that’s why we try that and things that -art that works.”

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Benson agreed and said that the series was supported by a variety of acts from industry officials and other sponsors, as well as audiences from all over the region.

“It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the people from Southern Illinois who come out to the show and enjoy live entertainment. It’s the presence of the show that makes a lot of success happen, ” Benson said. “Whether it’s a classic. rock act or when it’s doing country or when WBVN brings in a great contemporary Christian artist, it’s about the community coming together to support things that that we will support them.”

The October calendar is already a preview of the variety of music planned for the Marion Cultural and Civic Center and the capacity of the venue. Country legend Gene Watson performs on October 1, rock guitarist Eric Johnson kicks off three shows in three nights on October 7 with country artist John Michael Montgomery and performs on October 8 with A.J. Croce on stage October 9. The following weekend has 50

Christian rockers Petra’s anniversary tour is accompanied by comedian Rex Havens on Oct. 20 and country singer Sara Evans on Oct. 21. There is a desire to add more to the arrangement of the moon.

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“We strive to bring in big and good names at the same level we bring in,” Benson said. “Southern Illinois should have A-list talent come to Marion.”

Madeline Rose Dieters is photographed in the “Welcome to America” ​​painting. According to the city, the walls of the building “celebrate Italian immigrants who left their homeland in search of a better life and eventually worked in the coal mines of southern Illinois.” Karina Neill

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe,” located at 305 W. Main Street. Photographed by Becca Mueller Williams, of Johnston City. Karina Neill

Window World Marion Il

“Satchmo and the Duke,” featuring Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, can be found in Byassee’s music studio. Artist Josh Benson and completed in 2020. Karina Neill

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Kris Killman of Marion painted the Little Egypt Art Society sculpture in 2009, along with 33 volunteers, according to the City of Marion. Each person pictured in this chart represents a past LEAA president. Karina Neill

A postcard from the past is on the south side of Dave’s Key at 211 N. Market St., according to the city. It was painted this year by Kris Killman of Marion. According to the city, the letters “reflect the rich history and important buildings in Marion,” including Goddard Church, the train station, the first courthouse from Tower Square Plaza, Citidel. building, and the Orpheum Play House where the Marion Cultural and Civic Center now sits. Karina Neill

From left to right, Luke O’Neill and Josh Benson pose in front of the “All You Want” movie screening in Marion. Benson’s painting was done in the fall of 2020 and will be completed in 2021, according to the city. Karina Neill

The new Starbucks in Carbondale includes Southern Illinois-themed graphics. Designed by two Illinois artists, Meghan McDonald and Carlie Upchurch, it was painted in the shop. Byron Hetzler

Fall Getaway To Marion, Illinois

The first volume completed in Marion is a historical scene from the town square. Byron Hetzler

Although many of the pieces are from the mind of artist Maddie Deiters, she uses real images and colorful photographs from the Vietnam War for the soldiers. Malaysian. Makayla’s keeper

All aspects of the first responder are present in the new cartoon, including the police officer and his K-9 companion. Makayla’s keeper

Window World Marion Il

Maddie Deiters poses in front of her favorite part of a mural honoring first responders and soldiers Wednesday in Marion. Makayla’s keeper

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Marion native Tiffany Haseker is making a name for herself as an artist on the rise in Nashville — and she’s coming home for two shows.

Travis Tritt will be in concert Friday, August 19 at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center.

Three Dog Nights, one of the most famous and popular bands of the 1970s, will appear in concert on September 24 in Marion.

Marion Cultural and Civic Center has become a center of entertainment in recent months with four to five shows per month and recent sales figures.

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