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Window World Northern Kentucky – There are many myths behind the $189 replacement window that may make owners think twice. While these windows can easily fit into an exterior renovation budget, things aren’t always what they seem with window replacement options.

Before you pick up the phone to ask $189 for windows, here are some important facts to consider:

Window World Northern Kentucky

Window World Northern Kentucky

If a homeowner spends $189 on a replacement window, they may be a little disappointed the next time they have to pay their utility bill. While replacement windows can save homeowners a lot of energy, more than $400 a year in some cases, don’t expect much from a $189 window.

Things To Know Before You Replace Windows—money

That’s because the $189 window doesn’t include any energy-saving features like argon or krypton gas. These gases are an important part of increasing the energy efficiency of your home, resulting in significant energy savings throughout the year.

Also, the $189 windows do not include bottom glass. Low e glazing is designed to reflect the temperature inside and back out, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

If you want to add any of these features to your new windows, the price will increase significantly.

Without including these important features, there is no point in replacing the windows. Aside from reducing drafts, windows without gas or glass will not provide the most energy savings. If you’re drawn to a small work window because of price, a quality company like Universal Windows Direct will have a decent window for any budget.

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In the world of replacement windows, you basically get what you pay for. Another reason $189 windows are so cheap is because their vinyl contains fillers. These materials allow manufacturers to significantly reduce the cost of the window, but this means problems for the owners.

Replacement windows that contain a large amount of filler are much faster than high-quality vinyl windows. What should you look for? Replacement windows made from 100% pure virgin vinyl. You will have a longer life with your new windows, about 20 years.

In addition to the short lifespan, here are some additional signs that you have low-quality replacement windows on your hands:

Window World Northern Kentucky

With quality windows, you can see and feel the difference. Window samples that show off the unique quality are often offered within your home budget.

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Given the window price of $189, that price represents the price of a simple window with no upgrades or features. Not only does the window lack power-saving features, but you also have no customization options.

One of the best parts about replacing old windows is that you can get beautiful new windows that are custom designed just the way you want them to look.

There are countless combinations of glass styles, trim options, paint colors and wood finishes that you can choose from with your home in mind. These stylish features can transform a home, but they’ll never be an option for just $189.

While aesthetics play an important role in the cost of windows, there are other aspects of window replacement that affect the total cost, including:

Window Replacement, Entry Doors & More

The reality is that companies advertise $189 windows to get your foot in the door, with the overall goal of selling you different things. When you add energy-saving glass packaging and custom aesthetic designs, your $189 window will be worth it.

How does this happen? One of the most important factors is the shape of the window. With $189 windows, only select models are included. Usually, it is the square window. If you have your heart set on another style, such as a large bay window, you may be disappointed on your last date.

Don’t forget that there is also a warranty on the cost of your windows. A window of $189 indicates that there is no guarantee. This is a risky bet. You may need follow-up services to deal with various potential problems that a broken window can cause.

Window World Northern Kentucky

A window with a warranty will cost more, but you will have protection for many aspects of the window, including details you may not have thought about, such as seal damage, window parts and components.

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FYI: Not all pop-up ads are deceptive. Sometimes you can legitimately save money during promotions or special offers. You can even make quick money by referring a friend.

Now you know that $189 windows aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, but what exactly factors into the price of quality replacement windows.

Think about that time you went to Sam’s Club or Costco and found a great deal on a box of K-cups for Keurig coffee. Buying in bulk has helped keep the price down for convenience.

Then think about the time you went to a local coffee shop and had a delicious latte. It was more expensive than what you pay for K-cups on your many shopping trips, but the quality and experience is unbeatable.

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Like many of your K-cups, the $189 windows are often produced in large quantities. This mass production makes the window more affordable, but you will lose out in the long run when it comes to the quality of the installation and the performance of your window.

But just like your latte, specialty windows are made to order, every single one of them. Custom-designed window sizes are carefully designed to fit the exact specifications of the opening, as a proper fit can make all the difference in your energy bills.

Production does not only have to consider the size and shape of the window. It also includes the quality of welding, reinforcement to strengthen the window, and even small parts and parts that make up the whole part.

Window World Northern Kentucky

Remember, like your barista, there are workers who spend a lot of time making these windows on the production floor. They pay well to make sure your windows are in good condition before you install them.

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You might not think about the quality of the locks and weatherstripping on your windows, but trust us when we say it makes all the difference in both performance and cost.

While good flour won’t make up the price of your window, good quality products are worth the extra cost. Consider buying a winter coat and the quality of the zippers. Do you really want to deal with a jacket that opens when it’s cold? That’s the kind of quality and performance we’re talking about in your windows.

Locks and weatherstripping work together to keep your home out of the cold and lower your energy bills. If these parts do not meet quality standards, you will see and feel the difference.

There is a good balance of ingredients needed to make quality vinyl window frames. When it comes to vinyl, add too much filler and you’re looking at a bad body that won’t last long. Good materials are more expensive, but they are proven to last.

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We can use the example of a winter coat again when it comes to glass. If you live in Alaska and want to buy a jacket, should you choose a lightweight jacket without a lining or get a down jacket made of weather-resistant materials?

The $189 window is basically the equivalent of a spring coat, while a window with an insulated glass panel is a warm and cool coat. Big price difference, yes, but the price is worth the convenience.

Windows are attractive products. What is surprising is that they come in a variety of different models, frame colors, sizes, and even glass and power options.

Window World Northern Kentucky

It’s almost like buying gold. If you buy an 18k gold band, you may decide to add some stones to decorate it. There is an additional charge for stones such as diamonds and rubies. A simple 18k gold band will be affordable and still look beautiful, but adding some sparkle will make it really special.

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With custom windows, you can add that special touch by using decorative glazing and louver systems. Like a gold chain before a diamond ring, a great investment will bring timeless beauty to your home.

Finally, and we cannot stress this enough, professional installation is one of the most important factors in the performance of new windows. Qualified, certified and insured installers are more cost effective than those without experience or insurance. Would you pay a professional carpenter like someone with 20 years of experience to build your house?

The best way to find out the cost of new windows is to contact us for a quote. While we may not be advocating $189 for windows, our affordable pricing structure (good, better, better) allows homeowners to choose the best quality replacements while on budget. Contact Universal Windows Direct today for a fair and honest quote at 855.395.9377.SHARONVILLE, Ohio – This has been a frustrating year for home improvement projects, with delays and shortages.

And some customers of a Cincinnati window company may be out thousands of dollars after the retailer recently closed its doors without warning.

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