Window World Portland Maine

Window World Portland Maine – Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit Portland, Maine. As someone from the “other” Portland, you better believe I jumped at the chance to compare Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.

Although the two Portlands are on opposite coasts (3,000,000 miles apart), they are often compared at the crossroads due to their similar reputations.

Window World Portland Maine

Window World Portland Maine

Both cities are known for easy-going locals (average age 36.7 respectively), great breweries, strong coffee, liberal politics, outdoor enthusiasts, environmental friendliness and gray skies.

Best Time To Visit Maine

To truly understand and appreciate the similarities and differences between the two cities, you need to understand their size.

Oregon’s current population is 660,000, more than 10 times that of Portland, and Maine’s population is 66,000.

Small towns naturally lend themselves to a slower pace, while larger cities are notorious for endless lists.

The large size difference makes it difficult to compare the two Portlands, as medium-sized cities have different pros and cons than smaller cities.

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For example, in Portland, Oregon, homelessness is a real challenge. But Portland, Maine is not worth mentioning.

But on the other side of the coin, job opportunities in Portland, Oregon far surpass those in Portland, Maine. Keep this in mind as you read the list.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to beat the old East Coast charm (and that comes from a lifetime of Western Express!).

Window World Portland Maine

But don’t get me wrong, Portland, Oregon has some incredible junkyards to go around. There is no substitute for New England charm and red brick buildings. The city is one

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Seasons: Portland, Maine covers all four seasons – stunning fall colors, snowy winters, blissful summers and colorful springs.

Rain: People often mistakenly assume that Portland, Oregon gets more rain than Portland, Maine, but it doesn’t!

But don’t worry Oregonians! Oregon’s rains are perfect for curling up with a good book from Powell’s, the world’s largest bookstore.

Sunshine: Now Portland, Maine takes the cake with an average of 203 days of sunshine per year compared to Portland, Oregon’s 144 days (yikes!) when it comes to sunny days.

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Seriously, it’s one of those things that out-of-towners often experience – eat at Ava Gen and you’ll understand the buzz right away.

The lipstick at Eventide Oyster Co. is known to create cravings for years to come (I can attest to that, I still can’t shake this dish after 2+ years).

Portland, Maine Every city in America has about the same number of breweries per capita. But Portland, Oregon sells more craft beer than any other city in the US – accounting for 40% of beer sales!

Window World Portland Maine

More importantly, Portland, Oregon has 58 breweries in the city, and Portland, Maine has 30 (both very impressive numbers).

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Both Portlands can lay claim to a strong coffee culture. How else do the locals cope with dark, cold rainy days?

The beers are unique and the decor makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a local cafe – the baristas are even dressed the same!

Proximity to nature and greenery is a big draw for Portland, and thankfully both cities have good freeway access.

Portland, Oregon, the stunning Columbia Valley, the Oregon Coast, Mount Hood and Mount Bend. Remember, these places are loved by locals and visitors alike – crowds are guaranteed.

Portland Food Map

Portland, Maine is a coastal city. If you love the ocean (and can swim in it), Maine’s beaches will not disappoint.

Like Portland, Maine isn’t as crowded as other Portlands, so you’re more likely to find solitude in the desert (isn’t that what deserts are for?).

It seems the two Portlands were meant to be compared from the start. The decision to call Portland, Oregon was decided by a coin toss.

Window World Portland Maine

The founders of Portland, Oregon were two immigrants from New England. One is from Boston, Massachusetts and the other is from Portland, Maine.

The Wrap: The Danforth Opens In The West End, Nutella Puts Maine On A Jar

Both immigrants wanted to name the city after their hometowns and decided to strike a coin – and the rest is history.

P.s. You can see the 1835 coin used to decide Portland’s name at the Oregon Historical Society – you won’t want to miss it.

Portland Oregon vs. Portland Maine Portland Oregon vs. Portland Maine Portland Oregon vs. Portland Maine Portland Oregon vs. Portland Maine This vibrant coastal New England city has a strong community in the arts and music scene. Also good food and drink with local flavors

At the intersection of Danforth and Pleasant streets, formerly known as Gorham’s Corner, the monument celebrates the simple people who once inhabited the community. There’s a shopkeeper whose name is on the corner, and a local priest who “often calls the police to stop street fights.” As if to prove the point, the next name on the list is that of a man who died in a fight with local hardliners: “The Connelly Brothers”: “His death caused a riot.”

Downtown And Central City Shopping

Some old-timers can remember the days when Portland was still a tough port town, with downtowns full of alcohol-fueled punch holes and areas you didn’t walk past after dark. The changes that have taken place over the last 20 years mean that it is often described as one of the best cities in America. From the Old Port to the vibrant arts district and the growing Bay Area, this city is home to 66,000,000 people. A creative and food scene that can sustain itself anywhere.

Its secret is a deep-rooted community spirit: It’s not enough to just buy ‘local’, residents want to know the person who cooks their food, brews their beer and makes their clothes. Once an important destination on the road to freedom that helped African Americans escape slavery in the South—boarding ships bound for Canada and England or working in the ports—the market welcomed immigrants and refugees from Somalia, Kenya, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Maine has long been a summer destination for vacationing Americans, driven by its beaches, camping and outdoor activities, but you’ll also find Portlanders here every weekend during the winter. Mostly it’s about eating because the restaurant scene is so good. Fishing has maintained a strong presence, and many locals still enjoy the saltiness of their morning catch along the east promenade along the Constitution. The best way to see Portland is to sit in Beck’s Diner, where laptop workers and lobbyists sip dollar coffees.

Window World Portland Maine

Congress Street, the walkway that connects the Old Port to the west side of the city, is the heart of the Arts District. Halfway up is the Maine College of Art (Mecca), which brings to life a vibrant contemporary art scene. As well as its student hall, it houses the Institute of Contemporary Art and the permanent collection of Four Seasons songwriter and producer Bob Crewe. “Crew lived and worked in Portland for the rest of his life,” said Kiana Thayer, who moved here from Rhode Island for college. “We are the number one performing arts school in America because of him.” The conversation between art and music continues several doors down in the Space Gallery, which hosts music shows, events and exhibitions.

Greely High School Named Best In Maine For Third Year

“We’re still a baby town, but we’re a very visible area,” Thayer said. The Art Museum is one example: American art and its influences, modestly sized but uniquely curvy. For more insight into how art permeates and connects this community, visit the Bombay Digital Art Studio or the Art Department. These two non-profit organizations provide creative and retail opportunities for local artists, and you can directly support the creators by purchasing a range of amazing items from prints and crafts to clothing.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland in 1807. At the time, his family home was on farmland and had views all the way to the ocean. Today, its neoclassical brick facade survives among the modern commercial buildings on Congress Street. Longfellow wrote some of his most famous works here, but it is his sister, Anne, who is the true star of the story. Widowed in her twenties, she refused to remarry, but devoted her energies to social projects such as helping women work. His legacy includes a library next to the house that houses the archives of the Maine Historical Society, which also tells stories of the town through temporary exhibits.

The once-industrial Bayside neighborhood is trying to do the right things: delis, bike shops, and pottery and woodworking studios to slow the flow of social enterprises, business incubators, and programs for local youth and low-income residents. He’s also fueled a cupping frenzy since 2010 when he moved an old truck depot back to 12th Street. A local politician opened a venue on Tuesday night to host a beer league. Now there are 800 league cups per week, also organized on initiative. An April 2017 expansion added eight

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