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Windows And Doors Dalton Ga – In 2015, the Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful Community Beautification and Greening Committee established a small grant to support school beautification projects. Seven schools received their first fellowships awarded in the fall of 2015 as part of the National Planting Day, Keep America Beautiful program. Schools in the Dalton / Whitfield area are invited to apply for funding for a beauty project. Since 2021, these grants have been opened to local businesses in the area. In the first year, six grants were awarded to local organizations for various beauty projects. Beauty donations range from a minimum of $ 100 to a maximum of $ 500.

Congratulations to the scholarship holders! Below is a list of the organizations and a summary of their project.

Windows And Doors Dalton Ga

Windows And Doors Dalton Ga

“I’m not sure we’re more excited about the earth! We were lucky when we worked out the area around the sign that there was topsoil instead of red clay. This made planting azaleas much easier. top it off with a little Miracle Grow. Looper volunteers embellished the new garden / waiting area by spreading mulch around the existing tree and patio. They also planted perennials for color and beauty. A landscape was made around the Looper sign to embellish the entrance and attract attention. Together, they created a pleasant outdoor environment for people to enjoy while waiting to meet a relative, and focused on signage to make it easier for people to locate the entrance.

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The Club Refresh project is located at the Boys & Girls Club headquarters in Whitfield County, Dalton, Georgia. The project beautified the entrance to the club from the street to the front door. The garden patches around the road sign needed to be embellished with plants and land before the grant was awarded.

“As a non-profit organization serving the children and families of our community, Boys & Girls Club strives to create a warm and friendly atmosphere from the moment you enter the premises until you return home. Every young person who attends our club is important and deserves the best we believe in. We are proud of our club and we want our club members to do the same. By creating projects that our teens and members can participate in to beautify our club, it helps to nurture that pride and morale from within. Our mission is to help young people, especially those who need it most, to give our members the opportunity to reach their full potential, this project helps create an opportunity for it. it also helps us teach our youth the importance of self-care. We run a Triple Play program with our members, which focuses on the mind, body and soul. To receive the scholarship and our hope and goal to realize this project in our club every members to engage and develop their minds, body and soul through the beautification refreshment project! Parents, staff, and club members continue to comment on how much better the front entrance looks with the plant refreshment and pop of color. We were grateful to respond as the project was made possible thanks to a grant from KDWB. The students were proud to help plant and water the plants daily.

The Whitfield – Murray Historical Society used a beauty grant to restore the exterior of the historic Hamilton House which required a fresh coat of exterior paint on the doors and windows.

“The 1840 Hamilton House’s front windows and doors look much better. We decided to change the color of the door and then painted the furniture to match the door. We have added new plantings. attractive.”

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Raspberry Row needed a new and improved bench outside its store to provide downtown visitors with a place to sit and relax and to encourage them to spend more time downtown. “We hope you will love our wonderful new bank as much as we do! Many thanks to Machine Craft Inc. for building it (amazing job) and Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful for donating to make it possible! To the center!”

Building 108 North Pentz was looking for a way to brighten its belt with new landscape and flowers. They worked with the Fiddleheads Garden Center to select plants and flowers and stick to a budget.

The Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful grant helped the Artistic Civic Theater create new paved parking spaces that needed refurbishment. Although the donation could not pay for the entire episode, it was used along with other donations to pave the entire episode. Chad Daniel, ACT’s executive director, said about the project: “Everything went great, we paved a quarter of our car park for our elderly and disabled customers. The project consisted of 9,000 people, so the beauty grant money helped very well. “.

Windows And Doors Dalton Ga

Congratulations to the scholarship holders! We are very proud of how you participated in breeding and planting students at school. Below is a list of schools and a summary of their project.

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Elle Shirah and Mario Alfaro from AP Environment have written a grant for Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful and received a National Planting Day 2019 grant of $ 500! Next to the school pond and tennis court, a pollinator picnic garden will be set up for all nature classes and sports teams to enjoy the trails.

“We believe that the Picnic for our pollinators project has achieved its intended goal and more. In addition to repurposing a once gloomy and neglected area, we have created something truly unique and beautiful for teachers and students to enjoy for many years to come. Something memorable and significant that happened is that we had to use the hoe our teacher had had since he was little and his grandfather taught him gardening. Therefore, he not only passed on this knowledge and experience to his children, but also shared it with some of his students through this project.

Throughout our project, Fiddleheads Garden Center has been very helpful and generous in working with us on our project. They helped us choose the best plants, provided us with great prices and were a key part of the success of this project. “

Brookwood chose a special place in the school to start with a 100% native garden. They planted perennials and annuals from Georgia. These plants help bring more pollinators to the area.

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The students took part in the construction, design, selection of seeds and plants. After the garden is built, students will track the pollinators and animals in the garden throughout the school year. They will use the garden to conduct a pollinator inventory, to study pollinators, and to study the cycle of native plants.

This project was realized in a butterfly garden at New Hope Middle School. Native plants were introduced to provide a suitable habitat for insects and wild animals inhabiting the garden. Planting and development took place in the fall months. All the work was done by student volunteers and staff. By developing native plant varieties in the garden and installing a water feature, we meet the requirements for the garden to be certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife habitat. Requirements include food, water, shelter, a place to raise young and sustainable practices. The provision of these things also meets the scientific standards for each level in New Hope and serves as a hands-on learning environment for students.

Our initial plan was to plant trees for each group of 8th grade. After meeting with the school maintenance manager, we realized that our original plan needed to be changed. The school’s drainage system and other restrictions prohibited the planting of trees. Instead, we chose the eighth grade garden. It will still have the plaque and will be in the same area as the proposed grant. However, it will be a butterfly garden. We had students studying native plants that would help our ecosystem. They came up with five different plants that we could use and researched how to plant them and where and when to plant flowers. We made seed balls that we will plant in the spring at the right time. We also started to prepare the plot. While the project has changed its scope, it serves its purpose by beautifying the grounds for eighth grade students and having a legacy in their school.

Windows And Doors Dalton Ga

After graduation, we introduced it to our students as their “legacy”, they really took it. They like the idea of ​​leaving school in a better place than when they came. Because he needed money

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