Windows And More York Pa

Windows And More York Pa – Windows and More is located in York County, Pennsylvania. On North George Street, the street number is 2466. To communicate or inquire with this location, the phone is (717) 515-2224. You can get more information on their website.

The coordinates you can use in the navigation applications to find Windows and More quickly are 39.999581, -76.734542

Windows And More York Pa

Windows And More York Pa

717-515-2224. Windows and more. Talk to anyone who’s had windows replaced in their home and you’ll find that the number one complaint in the industry is “the installers didn’t know what they were doing and wouldn’t return calls!”

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Write your opinion. (717) 515-2224. Windows And More has chosen Allside, a leading manufacturer for over 70 years, to supply and install your windows with a genuine lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Most importantly, this is the difference between WINDOWS & MORE and other window companies.

Our playhouse windows are designed and built specifically for the playhouse with safety in mind. ALL home windows come standard with safety glass. They are easy to install, open and come with a screen. We have two colors to choose from, white or brown.

Add fresh air and light to your chicken coop and make your chickens happy. Small in size and proportional for the chickens, the windows open and come with screens. Happy chickens mean more eggs, so get your windows done today.

Features: Welcome to Windows and more. If you are looking for a reliable company to make windows for your home, you have come to the right place. Our owner Mike Stinnett has worked in building materials and home improvement…

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Now, when I talk about Windows and more, first of all, I talk a lot about Windows. The A+ exams are really, really focused on Microsoft Windows and we’re going to dive deep. Some of the most important tools like Task Manager and Performance Monitor will be covered in this course.

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They did it AND MORE! Our deck needed washing in the washing machine. I saw him make an amazing transformation. Looks new! The windows are incredible. When they had a problem with the equipment and promised me they would be back in a week, they kept that promise. So they will be my “go to”…

Windows And More York Pa

Windows reviews and more. There are currently no reviews for Windows and More. How do you rate the services?

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Windows and more, LLC. Hours of work. +1 501-843-3000. Windows and more, LLC. Hours of work. Now closed. It opens in 4 h 47 min.

I confirm that this review is based on my own experience and that I am in no way affiliated with this company and that I have not been offered any incentive or payment by the company to write this review. I agree to the Terms and Conditions, including not writing fake reviews, which is illegal in many cases. We love our new windows! We bought an older ranch house with original 1950’s windows and the draft in every room was terrible! Not only is our home much more energy efficient, but it looks much better inside and out! We also love the ability to easily open the window from the top or bottom!

We replaced thirteen original wood windows on the first floor of our 112-year-old house. We were worried that the new vinyl windows would lack the charm and warmth of the old ones, but we were wrong. The Imperial Elite windows look great. We also managed to duplicate the original lattice pattern on the living room windows, preserving the interior look and curb appeal. Instead of hiring window cleaners with tall ladders, we can now clean the windows ourselves with ease thanks to the tilt function.

We did a lot of research on different window brands before deciding on SoftLite. We are satisfied with this decision. They are very elegant windows and are easy to open and close.

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We like to watch the birds and squirrels from our kitchen table and we can’t do that with our old windows. Now with our new SoftLite windows it is as if there is nothing between us and the birds. And the windows look great. Thank you, Steve and Marsha P.

We are very satisfied with the quality of these windows and doors! We love the low-e coating and look forward to the additional savings on our utility bill. We love the quality and craftsmanship of these products. Definitely buy more and spread the word to friends and family!

I LOVE my new SoftLite windows! They are so easy to handle and clean and they look AMAZING!

Windows And More York Pa

We love our windows so far! Our 40-year-old house had all the original windows, which were unique and in pretty bad shape (some didn’t open, some didn’t open, no nets, etc.). Our air conditioner broke at the beginning of the summer and we haven’t been able to replace it yet, but our new windows have kept the house much cooler during the day, and we can open it at night, making the summer bearable . We love them!

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We replaced our broken windows (half of them didn’t open/close properly and started to rot and some had pulls) with double hung. It is so nice to have windows that work, look good and keep the heat out in the summer and the cold in the winter. We didn’t like having to buy new windows for a house that was less than 12 years old (we were only a few years old), but it was the best money we ever spent!

We love our new windows! Cost effective, energy efficient and looks great on top of that. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

In terms of energy efficiency and quality, these windows are much better than what we had and the other windows we have at home.

“After comparing several brands of vinyl replacement windows, such as those found at big box stores and brands like Pella (the display version, not a Lowe’s product), the Softlite was a window of top quality. They were very competitively priced after installation. we are happy with the results! modernized our 1965 ranch house to be energy efficient and more modern in style and function. windows are solid. open and close well and don’t fall out when you open it. The windows of this company in the Classic. The Plus line has great features and a great price. We never thought that a whole house window replacement was possible until we found the Classic Plus line” .

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I like these windows. They are so beautiful. It really increases the curb appeal of the home. So easy to use. I also like the way it works for cleaning.

We are very pleased with our new windows. They are easy to open and clean and close and close securely with little effort. There are no more schemes!

We love our new windows. They are more energy efficient. With a light tint, we can see the bright outside, but people can’t see the inside.

Windows And More York Pa

I was very pleased with the quality and features of our new Windows Pro Series. The seller was equally superb and professional from the sales process to the installation.

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The windows look great and I can already tell how well they work. There is no more booze in the house. I really like how they open and tilt for cleaning. My only concern is how to install the blinds as the replacement window frame leaves quite a bit of space for mounting the blinds.

We are very satisfied with these windows. The sliding mechanisms are nice and smooth. The picture windows are beautiful. Well done SoftLite!

Windows looks and works great! We couldn’t be more pleased. We were hesitant to replace our old wood windows in the historic house, but the windows we bought turned out great! They are very well built and we have already noticed a reduction in noise and heat/cooling transfer.

We are very satisfied with our windows. The house is warmer and there is less noise from the highway. The windows are beautiful.

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Great windows, great dealership we bought it and completed the installation. I love the updated look of our home.

After only two weeks of spring here in the south, the windows have made a dramatic difference. The afternoon sun shines on our house with these new windows. I can sit comfortably at my desk and the air conditioner is not on. They are incredibly easy to get up and down, my 7 year old can do it without problems.

I am so happy with my new windows. They look great! Outside noise is drastically reduced and I hope to lower utility bills after replacing the original windows in this 1954 building.

Windows And More York Pa

From my experience with SoftLite windows, I expected sliding patio doors to be nice, and they are. Door

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