Windows Direct St Michael Mn

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The birth of Christ is displayed at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Buckman, Minnesota. This is my husband’s church. (Minnesota Prairie Roots September 2020 file photo)

Windows Direct St Michael Mn

Windows Direct St Michael Mn

ART PRACTICES are enjoyed by many churches. Often, the work tells the story of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

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This stained glass window in the Mother of Good Counsel Chapel at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Crosse, Wisconsin, shows Mary and Jesus. I often think of Mary during Holy Week and her great grief over the loss of her son. (File photo copyright Minnesota Prairie Roots 2015)

So it’s fitting that this week, Holy Week, I’m sharing some photos from the archives of some beautiful stained glass found during my travels. As a woman of faith, a lover of art, and someone who values ​​the church, I am drawn to this type of art.

Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. Stained glass window in the sanctuary of the Lutheran Church of Wine, rural Dennison, Minnesota. (File courtesy of Minnesota Prairie Roots 2014)

My husband, Randy, is passionate about stained glass art, and I know from seeing him that creating this art takes time, patience, skill and dedication. He took a stained glass class in town decades ago, built many sunrooms and repaired old windows at our church, Trinity Lutheran in Faribault. Hopefully when he retires, he will be able to absorb this kind of art properly.

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Jesus took his cross to Golgotha. Stained glass in the Catholic Church of St. Michael, Buckman. (File image copyright Minnesota Prairie Roots as of September 2020)

Besides that, I am very grateful to the craftsmen who have worked for a long time to build the stained glass windows of the church. Such a window promotes worship, gives the beauty of holiness and the ability to tell the story of the Bible. Like the birth of Jesus. The tragedy of his suffering, death and resurrection is glorious.

Stained glass window in Holden Lutheran Church, rural Kenyon, Minnesota, depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. (File image copyright by Minnesota Prairie Roots 2016)

Windows Direct St Michael Mn

Like the illustrations in the book, stained glass art adds meaning, helping us open our eyes to see more of what we hear and read.

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A stained glass window depicting women and angels at Jesus’ empty tomb rises above the altar at Holden Lutheran Church, rural Kenyon, Minnesota. (File image copyright by Minnesota Prairie Roots 2016)

This shows part of the three-sided central stained glass window above the altar at Trinity Lutheran Church, Wanamingo, Minnesota. This section shows that Jesus rose from the dead. (File image copyright by Minnesota Prairie Roots 2016)

As we approach the end of Holy Week, please take a moment to reflect on the art of stained glass here or in your own city.

A picture of Christ’s face from the stained glass window of my church, Trinity Lutheran, Faribault. (Copyright file courtesy of Minnesota Prairie Roots 2012)

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Picture him as a young man, with his family traveling nearly 400 miles across the eastern desert of North Dakota Minnesota to start a new life. You have left your grandparents and other family members, as well as the beauty of the farm, church and school. For my husband, that is true.

When Tom and Betty Helling’s family settled on a farm southeast of Buckman in central Minnesota in the early 1960s, Randy found himself transitioning from a one-room, one-teacher country school to a private school. The parish has many classes and teachers. He doesn’t face having to cancel recess because of coyotes roaming the playground at Chimney Butte School near St. Louis. Anthony. Instead, he encountered nuns who challenged the authorities or stuck their thumbs in the skull, further irritating him as a new student. Then there was the word about the shocking statue across the street inside the great Catholic Church of St. Michael.

Windows Direct St Michael Mn

About six months ago, I first heard about Randy’s childhood fear of the statue in the center of the main altar of Saint Michael, where he attended Sunday Mass. The statue shows Saint Michael defeating Satan with a spear. A monstrous, crippled otherworldly creature with an open mouth of sharp teeth and sharp hands represents Satan. Enough to frighten any child looking over an adult’s head at the painting. Even chains and weapons are not enough to inspire courage in the captivity of the wicked.

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In addition, St. Michael’s is a beautiful church. Great size and great craftsmanship. All I know is from a marriage when I grew up 145 miles south of Buckman and followed the Lutheran religion.

The stained glass is “The Nativity,” one of many similar windows in St. of Michael. File photo of Minnesota Prairie Roots in September 2020.

I don’t pretend to understand all the art that makes this space meaningful. But one thing I realized is that this temple is better in arts and crafts. Every work of art has a meaning, a meaning, a purpose. From stained glass windows to sculptures to beautiful altars.

Look around the back of the church and enter the balcony. File photo of Minnesota Prairie Roots in September 2020.

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Many years have passed since I entered St. of Michael. So when Randy and I visited his mother and brother’s graves at the church cemetery last September, we decided to take a look at the recently restored church. I would expect the door to be locked, which is common in rural areas and in small churches. But the door of attachment opened and we had our own place. Note that many security cameras film guests.

My favorite painting in St. Michael is the angel depicted on the roof above the altar. File photo of Minnesota Prairie Roots in September 2020.

My reaction was one of awe as I stood inside the sanctuary with its soaring ceiling, art seemed to be everywhere. It is a photographer’s paradise. An artist’s dream. A place of peace for believers.

Windows Direct St Michael Mn

I was very emotional as I walked from one part of the church to another – trying to take in everything I saw. Picture perfect. Explanation. Oh, the explanation.

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I stood for a moment, putting myself in Randy’s shoes as the boy from North Dakota saw all of this for the first time. I closed my eyes on the statue of St. Michael ascends Satan, a monstrous, monstrous creature with sharp teeth and claws. I understand that Randy’s music came out there decades ago.

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In the middle of the altar, there is a painting that shows the crucifixion of Jesus in St. Mary, New Trier, MN. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

In my years of traveling the back roads of small-town Minnesota, I’ve discovered beautiful works of art in churches and cemeteries.

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From carved tombstones to gleaming stained glass windows, this art inspires, uplifts and illustrates biblical history. Like Good Friday and the Crucifixion of Jesus.

When I met Mary, I was deeply saddened by the death of her son, Jesus. The statue was made in the Catholic Church of St. Mary, New Trier, MN. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Today I selected a few photos from my files to honor Christ, this important day, and my Christian faith.

Windows Direct St Michael Mn

The cross is located in Trebon Cemetery, 10 miles northwest of Faribault in Shieldsville Township. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

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The memorial in St. Michael’s Cemetery, Buckman, MN., where my mother-in-law is buried. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo, August 2012.

In the darkness and sadness of Good Friday, I prophesy the light and joy of Easter. Even more so in these difficult days.

A Christmas star serves as the centerpiece now inside the sanctuary of 4th Avenue Unified Methodist Church, Faribault.

AS A PEOPLE OF FAITH, as an appreciator of art, as a creator, I have a passion for historic churches. That includes the United Methodist Church on 4th Avenue in Faribault, where Hillary Clinton once spoke. I don’t remember the year or why he came to visit, only that my daughters who are in the first grade, who are in a school that is some distance away, came to see him. Not because of any politics but because she is the First Lady.

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I’m reminded of that bit of history every time I walk into this 1915 church across from the Rice County government office. From the outside, the church looks more like a court than a center of faith with majestic columns defining the entrance. Inside, the sanctuary is rounded under a dome rather than the narrow vertical aisles expected in churches from that period. Soaring glass windows allow plenty of light to break through the dark wood paneling.

Sometimes I wonder how many people are born and raised and have never stepped into this beautiful space. Faribault has many historic churches, a property that I think needs promotion and deep appreciation. History and art, especially in windows like the stained Tiffany glass at Congregational Faribault Church, UCC, are local treasures. My Church, Trinity

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