Windows Down Henry Rose Review

Windows Down Henry Rose Review – To be honest, I’ve always been a bit skeptical of clean perfumes. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan of beauty in general. I strive to ensure that every product I use on my hair, face, and body is free of questionable ingredients like sulfates, parabens, animal products, and synthetic fragrances. But when it comes to my daily perfume flow, my standards have always been much lighter. Blame it on blissful ignorance or last year’s clean, natural scents, but I couldn’t believe that the scent I was returning to was as charming, elegant, or long-lasting as my favorite luxury fragrances.

Windows Down is the eighth fragrance in actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s original, transparent and sustainable collection of personal care products, which recently included candles, diffusers, body creams and scented sanitizers. Embodying “a sense of freedom, clarity and renewed energy,” Windows Down is more than just a perfume; as the brand represents, it’s a feeling we can all get behind.

Windows Down Henry Rose Review

Windows Down Henry Rose Review

“It’s inspired by personal freedom,” Pfeiffer says. “It gives you a sense of letting things happen.” We all look forward to new energy and new beginnings. I hope this fragrance transports you to a place of freedom, hope and possibility. “

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After being locked in quarantine for over a year, the thought of freedom and hope was tempting, I admit. But how to translate these complex and highly subjective concepts into a perfume that is not only pure, but also sustainable, complex and completely genderless? It starts with top notes – or in this case, neroli, grapefruit and gray tea accord.

When I spray it on myself, I notice their brightness, their citrus notes, their intense combination, giving a clean, refreshing feeling that is the epitome of everything summer. You know, the kind of scent that makes you want to wear your favorite white linen dress and walk barefoot through the grass (not to sound too much like a Taylor Swift song). At first I thought the gray chord would compete with all of these – it doesn’t. Like a good companion, its subtle herbal aroma balances neroli and grapefruit, ensuring its uplifting blend is neither too fruity nor too sweet, because rest assured, this perfume is neither of those things.

Once the fragrance settles on my skin and my pheromones are absorbed, the top notes open up, revealing the faint floral qualities of the perfume, the goodness of belly broom (a sweet, fresh tea scent, for the uninitiated), jasmine absolute, and orange blossom. Their fragrance, soft and inviting, is enhanced by the fragrance’s base notes: earthy moss and amber and a warm, sensual touch of pure musk. As its name suggests, the end result is like smashing out car windows and blasting fresh air on your skin as you drive aimlessly in the distance.

Of course, Windows Down doesn’t just smell amazing. Like all Henry Rose fragrances, it must also meet the brand’s clean standards, which means being free of known or harmful ingredients as defined by the Environmental Action Group.

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In addition, each perfume is also cradle-to-cradle certified, which means that the products are evaluated in five quality categories: material health, material consumption, renewable energy and carbon management, water management and fairness of social practices. As a result, Henry Rose’s fragrance library contains several hundred proven ingredients, far from the thousands typically used by other fragrance houses. In addition, the brand also discloses each ingredient on its website, inviting customers to study the list with complete transparency – without clever words and confusing concepts of marketing jargon.

There is no doubt that Windows Down is a beautiful, light and refreshing perfume, what impressed me the most was not that I liked the smell on my skin or the compliments, but that it could do it all. maintaining the most stringent ingredient and sustainability standards. With one swipe, everything I knew about clean scents was gone. There was no smell of dirt or medicine. Instead, I would compare its dry, nondescript fragrance to Calvin Klein in the 90s: soft, cool, and burning with youthful energy. And unlike my previous pure perfume brushes, it held its power well into the night, each scent as delicate and complex as it was applied.

As for his ability to “take you to a place of freedom, hope, and opportunity,” he did. Every time I smell it, I am instantly transported back to my childhood – those clear, relaxing summer days when time stood still and nothing happened but that moment. This is what this fragrance reminds me of and what I will take with me on my first trip into summer. Bright grapefruit and bergamot honey meet neroli and soft ear gray tea for a light and floral finish. Available in: 50ml bottle, 8ml travel spray.

Windows Down Henry Rose Review

Top Notes The first scents when you spray or wipe your perfume. These are usually fresh, bright or aromatic.

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Middle notes are also known as the “heart” of the fragrance. As these high notes fade, they become more assertive. These are usually floral, fruity or sweet.

Notes Also called the “base” or “sushi” of the fragrance. These are the longest notes and usually the most sensual.

Top Notes: Neroli, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Earl Gray Tea.

“Windows Down takes me back to sunny days. The smell of fresh flowers and pavement. It’s complicated. Beautiful. “

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After years of questioning, testing and perseverance, we have created the first fine fragrance collection that is EWG Verified™ and Cradle to Cradle Certified™. Every ingredient is rigorously tested against strict health and safety standards, so you can feel good knowing you’ll never compromise on safety or quality.

Together with the Environmental Working Group and the Five-to-Five Product Innovation Institute, we’ve brought the long list of ingredients to over 300, meeting the health, safety and transparency standards known today.

Take a closer look at the collection. Each sample set comes with a $20 discount code to use on your favorite full size.

Windows Down Henry Rose Review

A mask for him, a flower for him. Smells for you, not your gender. Find a favorite (or two) with our fragrance finder. Written by Nea Pantry Nea Pantry Nea Pantry is a freelance writer living in downtown Toronto. She writes full-time for Honest Brand Reviews, along with various copywriting projects for local and international businesses. When she’s not writing, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up a batch of vegan muffins. Read about our editorial guidelines

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Henry Rose is a pure, kind, sexless perfume of this era, which preserves its unique scents like crystal clear glass bottles about its ingredients.

Offering a line of fragrances that boldly infuse flowers, its gentle formulas boast non-toxic formulas and carry a cruelty-free seal.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s founding of the brand can be attributed to her 64k followers on Instagram and being featured in some of the world’s biggest publications.

Ready to try everything this brand has to offer? Continue reading this Henry Rose review. Ahead, we’ll fill you in on the full details of the brand and its signature scents, ask a few questions, and throw in a dose of customer feedback—all to help you decide if it’s just the thing for you. I want to try it.

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The world of fragrance can be a dark place, but it has so much meaning, so much joy and so many new emotions. Do you have a new fragrance? Then you know the ingredients aren’t on the box, and they aren’t printed in fine print on the glass bottle.

We take smell for granted. It makes us feel good and the high fashion brands and celebrities we love do. End of story. Until we find out what else there is to learn.

Transparency is just becoming a thing at fragrance companies, given that clean beauty products are making their mark on the mainstream market, as evidenced by Covergirl’s clean beauty campaign 50 years ago.

Windows Down Henry Rose Review

Smell, on the other hand, is one of two things. Made from all natural and essential oils or full of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Henry Rose is designed to help identify clean fragrances and help you become aware of the toxins hidden in your favorite perfume.

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Founded in 2019 by Michelle Pfeiffer, the California-based brand shines a light on traditional perfumery and delivers not only clean, but its own addictive scent profile that feels good to wear day after day.

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