Www Windows Microsoft Com Recoverykeyfag

Www Windows Microsoft Com Recoverykeyfag – I can’t log into my Acer tablet, it needs a recovery key, and the sign I get is – To recover this key, go to http://windows.microsoft.com/recoverykeyfag from another computer or mobile device

“This appears to be a legitimate bug that occurs when users forget or lose their BitLocker recovery keys.

Www Windows Microsoft Com Recoverykeyfag

Www Windows Microsoft Com Recoverykeyfag

BitLocker is an encryption feature for Windows devices. If your device (laptop, tablet, desktop) asks you for your BitLocker recovery key or suggests you visit Windows Microsoft com recoverykeyfaq from another computer, the following information can help you find the 48-digit key you need to unlock the Windows. drive.

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These are some of the options you should follow step by step; Hopefully one of these solutions will work for you:

Sign in to your Microsoft account from another device to find your recovery key. Use your family computer or even your university library computer to log into your Microsoft account and check if you can find these recovery keys from your account.

When users select BitLocker and settings, they are advised to print recovery keys on paper or take a photo (this is the method of Generation Z). Find the paper on the screenshot you took during installation and enter the key to unlock your device.

If you saved the recovery key on your USB when you set up BitLocker, just plug the USB stick into your locked computer and follow the normal unlocking procedure.

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If you use a device that is linked to an organization with a work or school email account, your BitLocker recovery key may be stored in the organization’s Azure AD account that is linked to your device.

If the lock appears on a domain-joined device, ask a system administrator for your recovery key

Hope any of these 5 solutions worked for you; If not, you can check out some third-party software (usually paid) to unlock your device.

Www Windows Microsoft Com Recoverykeyfag

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