Windows That Fit Between Studs

Windows That Fit Between Studs – We quickly decided to use advanced framing techniques and work on a 24″ module. In an early draft of the design, I used window widths that fit the top. The advantage of this approach is that you can use less lumber, use smaller headboards, and fewer jack studs. Less wood, framing material means a little less money to spend and less opportunities for thermal bridging and cold spots around openings in the envelope.

Sounds great in theory, but then I found out how difficult it is to fit windows into 24-inch modules in a tiny house. Aesthetically, we wanted the windows to align with the doors and interior spaces and frame the view while taking advantage of the passive sun. Eventually, I gave up on installing narrow windows in the structural grille.

Windows That Fit Between Studs

Windows That Fit Between Studs

The trade-off here was that almost every window cut off the path of the load, so the headboards above the windows had to be strengthened and more jacks needed to be erected. Adding more structure around the window opening means more bridging from the outside to the inside of the window box, reducing the insulation value of the double wall structure.

Framing Tips For Double Stud Walls

We also decided to use rain screen detailing on the outside of the wall that pushes the 3 1/4″ thick window frame out slightly, leaving a darker window box inside (see recent Energy Analysis and Recommendations). It’s 4 1/4″ all the way around the window frame. Shows the exterior structure (2x6s, 1 king stud and 2 jack studs). Doing the math, 4.25″ x 1.25 R/inch = 5.3 R, which isn’t much compared to the 40 R of a double stud wall.

Although the 2 load-bearing walls (on the north and south sides) have 12 window openings, this is only a small bridge volume. If we do the math again, we have an internal wall surface area of ​​about 863 sf on the north and south walls and 29.5 sf of bridging area near the windows. This is about 3.5% of the total internal wall surface.

Our contractor Warren came up with some cool ideas for reducing cold spots created by Bridging. First, move the hood toward the top plate to add some space and insulation between the top of the hood and the window frame. Second, add a 1″ layer of rigid insulation to the inside of the window box where the drywall will be attached. This layer of insulation is smaller (R5), but doubles the R value at these locations and bridges the gap between the exterior structural wall and the wall. Breaks the inner window box.

Earlier this week, Warren added sloping framing and insulation to a window. It goes very well together, but looking back, I may have isolated the problem areas, which are the 2 sides of the window next to the struts, rather than the entire window box.

Single Hung Windows

We are working on the remaining windows later this week. Luckily, the sun is out this weekend, making it a lot easier to work out at home, even if the temperature outside is still below freezing. Passive solar power is already in the works! We vacated and remodeled this bedroom and almost finished it before we realized we needed to convert it into a home office. There was a big pain in this room… the left window! The situation was awkward and there was not enough room left for a bed without a headboard covering some of the windows.

I love the windows around the bedroom wall because it creates a natural place for the bed to go…and make a custom wall! But as you can see we don’t have much space on the wall, so we removed the left window and replaced it with these two “stud-to-stud” windows. A queen size bed fits perfectly in the middle and still brings in a ton of natural light!

So where did we get our slim windows? Officer! Zabitat makes glass inserts for doors, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. The windows we bought are actually side doors that are designed to go next to the front door, but they still function like a regular window so we kept them as windows!

Windows That Fit Between Studs

They were also super reasonably priced—$100 each, compared to over $500 for a comparable product. The only problem was that we had to build the framework ourselves. But luckily, it’s not too difficult to do with the help of some reliable YouTube tutorials.

Do Window Frames Have Studs In Them?

These windows would be perfect in a small corner, in a small room or even in a hallway. So many possibilities! Hope this gives you some ideas for your home!

If you’ve ever wondered what type of window treatment would look best with your toughened windows, this one’s for you.

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