Windows Washington Ave Philadelphia

Windows Washington Ave Philadelphia – The Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, now fully approved by city officials, will be a historic and exciting development for Philadelphia →

West of Broad Street, Washington Avenue has historically been an industrial street. For decades it was filled with factories and warehouses, a major industrial street in South Philadelphia that is not close to the water. Over time, many factories were closed, and the industrial buildings were completely converted into home and jewelry stores, some with pedestrian showrooms. The city’s housing market is booming. Over time, the business grew and was sometimes renovated. However, many believed that the residential development near Graduate Hospital had reached its limits, and the condition of these warehouse buildings was old. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to renovate Washington Avenue. There are smaller apartments planned for Washington Avenue, one at 20th and Washington Streets, another at 18th and Washington Streets, and a larger one at 16th Street and Washington Avenue.

Windows Washington Ave Philadelphia

Windows Washington Ave Philadelphia

The 1601 Washington Avenue development, designed by RHC Design LLC, has five stories and 35 apartments. The exterior features modern paneling with traditional-looking windows and Juliet balconies and decks. The stores are located on Washington Avenue and 16th Street, with a parking garage that goes from Washington Avenue to the 20th floor parking lot behind the building. The property is now part of a defunct grocery store behind Washington Avenue. 1601 Washington Street will be built on a diamond-shaped parcel separated from other commercial properties and parking lots. This partnership with the grocery store had already raised concerns among neighbors, but after much testimony at a Planning and Zoning Commission hearing, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the project. He voted to do so and agreed with neighbors to allow industrial and warehouse use. . Additionally, suburban stores were not well-suited to the current Washington Avenue properties.

Checking In On Lincoln Square At Broad And Washington, In Photos

As I said, this new development could start a new trend in new residential and commercial development on this area of ​​Washington Avenue. I found out that the building across the street is also for sale. In addition to the planned development at 18th and 20th Streets, plans are underway to convert the former Frankford Chocolate Factory at 22nd and Washington Avenue into apartments, to be built at 17th and Carpenter Streets. The Carpenters site, along with the site across the street for development, was selected last week by the development board. A vacant lot northwest of 17th & Carpenter is being turned into a neighborhood park called Carpenter Green. It’s probably one of the reasons this apartment building at 1601 Washington Avenue is being built now. Washington Avenue can also attract artists and creative companies to both traditional and architectural buildings. NextFab Studios, which provides workspace, machinery, and equipment for artists and creative companies, recently opened a new location at 1601 West Washington. As if that weren’t enough, the University of Pennsylvania is starting to renovate the former DuPont Research Center on the Schuylkill River near Gray Ferry Avenue just west of Washington Avenue. Laboratory space for private high technology companies.

At Broad and Washington, developer Bart Blatstein plans to develop a large commercial complex, which is expected to include several residential towers. SLS International Hotel and Condominium at Broad Street and Spruce Street. The revitalization of Washington Street seems inevitable with more residential development taking place nearby.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home or investment property in Graduate Hospital, the Point Breeze area or anywhere else in the city, please contact or my agent Long & Foster View the portal. , here, or learn more about the Long & Foster Center City Office here. Also check out my real estate page Gabriel G. Philly Realtor on Facebook or follow my Twitter page @GabrielGPhilaRE. Also see the ZBA approvals here and you can find my description and photos of the site and neighborhood below.

Located on 17th Street, across from Carpenter and around the corner from 1601 Washington Avenue, the site was sold by the developer and development agency.

S Capitol St, Philadelphia, Pa 19146

This area northwest of 17th Street and Carpenter Street is the future of carpentry.

Located on the northwest corner of Broad and Washington, two blocks from 1601 Washington Avenue, an ideal location for future development

About gabrielcgottlieb I’m Long & Foster Real Estate Center City Real Estate and I love writing about Philadelphia development. If you are looking to buy or sell a home or investment in Philadelphia, please contact The idea of ​​converting a commercial kitchen store into a mixed-use business and the development of a fancy pento has been widely criticized. Always turn into Washington Avenue.

Windows Washington Ave Philadelphia

As with many large residential projects, the main points of concern are parking and traffic. But the controversy also reflects a different vision for the future of one of South Philadelphia’s largest commercial networks, which is about to change.

Philadelphia’s New Generation Of Mid Rise Apartments Come With Every Amenity Except The One That Counts

The owner of a two-story building at 2031 Washington Avenue wants to add four stories and 30 residential units, including a two-story home. The penthouse had a pool, sauna, basketball court, three kitchens and several upper floors, according to plans submitted to the Zoning Board of Appeals on Wednesday.

One of the owners, Qiaozhen Huang, said her family will continue to use the ground floor and second floor for a business called Philly Home Supply, which sells granite kitchen products. Cars and businesses and trucks enter from Washington Avenue and exit onto Kimball Street, a small street behind the property, using an existing driveway.

But some neighbors say Kimball Street can’t carry enough traffic, and South Philadelphia developer Oli Faibush and others are pushing for a replacement for Washington Avenue. Washington Avenue should be opened to pedestrians and bicycles, he said. Many new mixed-use developments are on the way.

Allowing residential buildings to use the road entirely would allow cars to cross the road in more places, endangering pedestrians and ruining the new vision of the road for decades to come.

Hotels In Philadelphia (pa)

Michelle Angela Ortiz and other Philadelphia artists want to pay tribute to the residents who grew up near the historic 9th Street Market, where Frank Rizzo once appeared.

Feibush and other critics say the Philadelphia Planning Commission’s 2035 plan calls for widening the sidewalk and other pedestrian improvements along Washington Avenue. The city is currently preparing to renovate its streets to include protected bike lanes, reduce traffic congestion, and facilitate pedestrian crossings.

“Having no traffic on Washington Avenue is an important part of that plan,” said nearby architect Jose Hernandez.

Windows Washington Ave Philadelphia

Hernandez, who planned the massive Faibush mixed-use development on the 2100 and 2200 blocks of Washington Avenue, spoke to the Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday.

Washington Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19146 Apartments

Feibush said Huang’s project would have to change to avoid stalling at all. His new development won’t shrink from Washington Avenue, and Faibush said he’s working to get rid of his other loft properties.

Huang’s lawyer, David Orphanides, said his client has already made many changes to the design to accommodate visitors and has parking problems. He said some residents in the neighborhood want the building to have a parking lot to avoid street parking.

Orphans also says the city has no concrete plan to remove the Washington Avenue curb, and that potential rezoning to facilitate mixed-use projects along the corridor will only lead to more curb cuts.

“There’s a lot of penalty reductions going on right now. We have it, we’re using it, we want to keep using it,” Orfanides said. Fibush’s proposal for Washington Avenue has not been approved by the planning commission, as far as I know. , is his vision, not reality, they will never go away, and that is the focus of the herring. “

A Piece Of Wild West History In Historic Wash West

Philly’s supply chain proposal is part of it

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