Windows With Diamond Grids

Windows With Diamond Grids – Now that Minnie is remodeled, we are focusing on remodeling our home. Why? Because this professional gypsy’s ultimate goal is to sell the house, retire, and hit the road full-time in our RV. Over the next two years, all of my projects and most of my time will be dedicated to renovating our 17 year old home so that another happy family can finally enjoy the comforts of this home.

We live in a moderately priced apartment in St. Petersburg. Peters, MO. Our house is a Tudor style house. I’ve never been a fan of style. Don’t get me wrong. When we bought it, I was excited to have our own “real chain link fence tract home.” What impressed me about this house was that it was very spacious inside and had a large, fenced yard for our new dog.

Windows With Diamond Grids

Windows With Diamond Grids

The original windows were bronze aluminum. Diamonds were taped to the windows of the house for a leaden riot effect. But when you get inside, they look cheap. When we moved in, I found duct tape that looked better than the electrical tape the previous owners put on. In 2011 we replaced the window with white vinyl windows to display my stained glass art.

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With our main goal being to renovate an old residence, I needed to focus less on displaying my personal art and more on showing the original style of the home. I decided to decorate and remodel in the English-Tudor Cottage style. I felt that this style would help set it apart from all the modern/transitional style homes using Tudor exteriors, but it also sets this home apart from the other Tudors available in the subdivision.

I decided it was time to put the diamonds back in the window. I started by studying pictures of Tudor style houses with white windows. I found a picture of a quaint house with white walls (or fences). They were dramatic yet romantic and in keeping with the Tudor style.

Then I googled “DIY Window Nets”. That’s where I came across this page written by a DIYer who made his own rectangular fences. Aside from some annoying ads that popped up, this blog has been very helpful. The writing glasses in the photo below looked great, looked very simple to make, and used relatively inexpensive materials to get the job done. The only problem was that the walls were rectangular and I wanted diamonds.

So I dug into the far recesses of my brain, bought some materials, and used a little trial and error to practice my geometry skills. (Thankfully, this blog post edits out all the failed attempts and focuses on doing things right.)

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If you want to make a diamond muntin (yes, that’s what they’re called), these instructions will only work on case or picture windows. The molding I used here is too thick for one or two window frames.

Most importantly, you’ll need artistic/carpentry skills, a lot of patience, and a good compound saw. No, NOT a miter box. The angles required for a diamond pattern are very complex and non-standard. Although it only cost me $125, that price does not include the saw, and this project took three days to complete.

You get a 45 degree angled outer frame. Once the frame is in place, you will have an interior space to fill with your diamond mesh. For a typical window, fewer diamonds pass through the grid than down because the window is usually longer than it is wide, even though the diamonds are also taller. My window was a 3 x 4 – three across the diamond, four down. The top and bottom diamonds are cut in half.

Windows With Diamond Grids

First, paint only the back of the screen with plastic paint. The front of the dress is already white, but the back is a natural tone. You want to see them from the road. Apply two coats in a well-ventilated area. Both products are available at Lowe’s.

Grids Or No Grids In Windows

The frame should fit snugly into the window opening without any pinching or gaps at the edges. Corners are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. This is where experience with a miter saw helps, as it will be much hairier than this!

Before you start adding mesh, you need to make sure your frame fits the mirror. You’ll be thankful you did.

Cut the paper template to fit the OUTSIDE of your frame and draw the edges of the hole INSIDE.

Folding is easier, but if you want to do a little math, you can calculate. For the number of diamonds minus one, you need cross lines. So with the 3×4 I needed two vertical lines and three horizontal lines. When calculating, keep in mind that you are using the INSIDE of the frame so that your diamonds are not crooked.

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If you did the math right, everything should be the same. These are the center lines where your formation should come from.

I first started with diagonal lines in one direction. You don’t have to worry about the structural stability of the net because it’s just styrofoam and very light. It just has to look nice. Center each strip of molding along the grid lines. Mark the corners and side corners with a removable pencil. This is where you get to know your miter saw. I think you can if you want to measure and calculate angles. But trying to figure it out drove me a little crazy, so I eyeballed it by fitting the drawn corner to the saw blade.

Do not glue all the strips together until you have placed each piece correctly. Since it’s polystyrene, there is a little give between the diagonal strips, and you’ll have more stability if you wait until all the bars are finished before attaching them. I finally figured out that I was cutting all the lines at a 19 degree angle on the miter saw (but this may vary for you depending on your window and the size of the diamond).

Windows With Diamond Grids

This is your last chance to make sure everything fits and smooth out anything that needs sanding or tuning. Also, make sure your window glass is completely clean and free of fingerprints.

To Grille Or Not To Grille

Cut double-sided tape and place it at strategic points (including the corners) of the fence. Remove the red side of the tape and gently stick it to the window. It shouldn’t go without saying, but you don’t want to break the windowpane by pressing too hard to secure the mesh in place.

Not much to see – just a block in the neighborhood. But I find myself enjoying my morning coffee and looking out the window. I just found it – oh, I don’t know – more convenient. Who knows? Maybe I’m so attached to the look that I don’t want to leave!

The exterior of the house looks more harmonious and attractive. I decided to match the double glazed basement windows to the upper windows using only white duct tape. Yes, if you get close to the window, you can see that they are just wrapped with tape, but from the street you can’t tell the difference. My next project is to repaint the exterior of the house using colors that are more subtle and less obvious than the traditional browns and golds.

I hope you don’t find these instructions too complicated or easy, and you have the opportunity to restore your summer house and make your home unique.

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