Wolfe Windows And Doors

Wolfe Windows And Doors – Murals are painted on plywood covering the windows and doors of businesses in Columbus, Ohio. Credit: Andre White | Art and Life Producer

Silent but loud protest symbols hang from business fronts on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, demanding the attention of passers-by.

Wolfe Windows And Doors

Wolfe Windows And Doors

For the past nine days, more than a thousand people have participated in protests in downtown Columbus following the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed on May 25 while in police custody in Minneapolis.

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After Sunday’s main protests, some people damaged shop windows and looted factories across the city during the curfew. Many businesses have begun boarding up windows and doors to prevent damage. In response, the Columbus Performing Arts Association partnered with the Arts Council of Greater Columbus for a creative solution to decorate the chalkboards. Their initiative, #ArtUnitesCbus, employs local Columbus artists to paint murals on plywood on boarded-up business facades.

“We can use art to make a statement of unity, healing and love,” said Jaimie Goldstein, spokeswoman for the Arts Council of Greater Columbus.

Brian Moss, a local Columbus artist, said the initiative will not only make a statement, but will help give a voice to those who need to be heard the most.

“I’m not protesting,” Moss said. “Not because I don’t support him, but because I’m black and if I’m in jail I’m getting a criminal case.” Then I can’t teach in schools.”

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Moss is one of the most famous mural artists. He has now designed and collaborated with artists on the #ArtUnitesCbus murals that feature the entrance to the Pizzuti Collection at the Columbus Museum of Art and the Smart Columbus business front, located on Civic Center Drive.

The initiative gave him a peaceful way to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, he said.

“The ban, with anyone being shocked or seeing the impact that art can really have on a city, is very real,” Moss said. “It was like a second wave of understanding, love and compassion. It was really amazing; I’m still wrapping my head around it.”

Wolfe Windows And Doors

To connect artists with businesses, the Arts Council of Greater Columbus has created a tool that can be found on their website that consists of a database of artists to showcase their work and an email template for businesses to reach out to.

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The work created by the artists is left entirely to their discretion. The murals are diverse in their imagery, from support for the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd to whatever artists wanted to use this channel to best represent their voices and their communities.

Local artist Hakim took the initiative to create a symbol that he says can best be described by a quote from comedian Dave Chappelle.

“My mom used to tell me that,” Hakeem sings from Chappelle. “Son, sometimes you gotta be a lion to be the lamb you really are.”

“Sometimes you have to fight for peace and it’s ironic,” Hakeem said. “We all wanted to be peaceful, of course, but sometimes you have to fight for it.”

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Hakeem’s photo is an upside-down peace sign inside a hat — a symbol of Black Lives Matter.

“I didn’t want to say anything negative, but of course I wanted to show strength,” Hakeem said. “I’m not in a passive position and I don’t think this is a passive moment.”

Local artist Hakeem’s painting is an upside-down peace sign inside a fist — the symbol of Black Lives Matter. Credit: Courtesy of Columbus Association and Arts Council of Greater Columbus

Wolfe Windows And Doors

Goldstein said the initiative came like no other this year for the Arts Council of Greater Columbus: a 180-degree pivot that completely changed their course.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left many artists out of work, prompting the Arts Council of Greater Columbus to launch an emergency relief fund. The fund has supported more than 400 Columbus artists in all disciplines since March. The pandemic also forced the cancellation of the Columbus Arts Festival, which takes place annually in June.

Goldstein said organizing #ArtUnitesCbus wasn’t easy, but with the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s experience in previous months, it was a natural move for them to capitalize on the current one.

“We have a responsibility to our community to help them,” Goldstein said. “Everybody has a path they can work in and a place they can be effective, and we’re just trying to make the most of our path.”

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Wolfe Windows And Doors

Fortunately, a magnetic screen door can help you scare off the bugs by quickly catching them before they chase you. These doors also effectively keep out dust and dirt while allowing fresh air, sunlight and wind to enter.

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Unlike traditional regular screen doors or sliding screen doors, magnetic screen doors usually come as two fabric panels that are attached to the door frame using adhesives, Velcro, batts or other fasteners. The panels, which have heavy-duty magnets sewn into the core, are designed to fit in the middle, like a theater curtain. When someone walks through it, the magnets are pulled together to close the door quickly, smoothly and silently. This automatic closing feature of the best magnetic screen doors makes them ideal for active families with children and pets.

The models below represent some of the best magnetic screen door options on the market in various categories. We’ve tested the top magnetic screen doors to help you choose the right one for your home. Learn what goes into a quality screen door and how to choose the right one for your home.

Accurate measurements are necessary to successfully replace doors and windows, and magnetic screen doors are no exception. Measure the width and height of the existing door and screen door (if applicable) to determine the exact size of the magnetic screen door to purchase.

Some brands only come in one size, but many offer multiple widths and heights. If your door falls between standard sizes, you may be able to fit a larger model.

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Measure the width of the door from the left side of the door frame to the right side, then measure the height of the door from the floor to the top of the door frame. Compare this width by height measurement to common screen door sizes to find the right magnetic screen door for your home.

Fiberglass and polyester are the main materials used to create the fabric of magnetic screen doors, but ABS plastic can be used to increase the durability of specially designed magnetic pet screen doors. Metal and wood are the most common frame materials for these doors.

Magnetic screen doors can come with a variety of fasteners to hold the door closed and secure the door in place. Fastener options, in addition to magnets, include bats and wind plugs.

Wolfe Windows And Doors

Doors can be a single door opening or a double door opening, and before you buy a magnetic screen door, you need to determine which one you have so that you can invest in the right product to properly fill the space.

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Magnetic screen doors may come with several other features that make them easier to use, including full-load magnets, pet doors, and side latches that keep the door open.

Magnetic screen doors are usually very easy to install yourself if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Although quality models stay in place very well when installed properly, they can be considered temporary screen doors because they are easily removed. Here are some points to keep in mind during installation:

The magnetic screen door must be cleaned and maintained regularly to extend the life of the screen. Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth or other dusting device to remove dirt and debris from the fabric, and wash weekly with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Mesh screens should always be allowed to air dry; do not put them in the dryer, it may damage them.

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You may prefer to purchase a Velcro system that is attached to the door frame and the magnetic edge of the screen door using adhesive. The magnetic screen door attaches with Velcro as needed and is easily removed for hand washing in the sink.

Magnetic screen doors are shown below

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