Wonder Windows Phone Number

Wonder Windows Phone Number – The Windows Phone Story: From Hope to Dusty Abandon, We Walked Down Memory Lane and Wept Over What Could Have Been

During spring cleaning yesterday, my wife found a Windows bracelet. It was in a box where ten year old 4MB MMC cards died along with paper clips, weird screws and lots of dust. Hold or push? Chuck, I said, before looking closer and realizing it was a buried time capsule from another era: a USB drive with press materials.

Wonder Windows Phone Number

Wonder Windows Phone Number

The wristband was delivered in the carefully managed and very expensive relaunch of Microsoft’s mobile efforts: the debut of Windows Phone Series 7 on October 11, 2010. (Somehow, I managed to spare a three-hour tutorial the next day from my colleague Bill Ray.)

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It’s strange to look back on such a strangely upbeat moment for Microsoft where it promoted lush and radical design, especially in light of what happened this week.

Windows Phone was unofficially shut down in 2014, a sacrifice on the altar of a new strategic vision: a single Windows codebase for customizable apps. For the past two years, Microsoft has simply kept Windows Phone faithfully.

This week, Redmond confirmed that even after an $8 billion buyout that brought in 32,000 dedicated employees, it wasn’t just exiting the consumer phone business, it was ditching mobile devices across entire geographies including India, China and Latin America, leaving the door open. for future devices like the Surface Phone.

Before we apply the benefits of hindsight, let’s unpack the Solar Dawn 2010 starting material.

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On launch day, we saw a radical new user interface and a slew of new phones – most of which were never seen again.

It was clear that something very beautiful and useful had emerged from Microsoft’s mutual struggle. A team of talented people was allowed to tackle something and fulfill the vision.

Windows Phone looked like it came from another planet, with a user interface pulled from the weird Zune music player and tweaked for the phone. The value of the design only became apparent when you used it. It required much less work and thumb stretching than the iPhone. Over the years, competitors have stolen design elements like swiping sideways and using text as buttons, while Microsoft has tried to soften the radical look. Smooth scrolling is elusive on Android, even after Google optimizations, today’s octa-core SoCs and massive GPUs, but on Windows Phone it was smooth and reliable from the start.

Wonder Windows Phone Number

Windows Phone had a zen-like simplicity, and Microsoft put a lot of effort into designing the user experience around human-centric people and tasks. For a while, the Window Phone could do social media better than anyone else: posting to various social networks and aggregating their feeds, leading to the global “Windows Phone Smoked” campaign.

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The iPhone home screen is still a grid of apps. Android was made to be a custom dashboard for car enthusiasts: full of counters and gauges and extra buttons (widgets). The Windows Phone splash screen was a bulletin board for people — their tiles updated in real time to reflect what they were doing — and a place to pin locations or web pages, peripherals, or documents. (Oddly, you could never pin an email to the home screen). I rate the keyboard as the best in its class.

Even today, Windows Phone 8.1 is a delight, combining flexibility with zen simplicity. It’s no wonder Steve Jobs liked what Microsoft did, and it’s no wonder that traditional feature phone users – who want at most one or two modern apps – find WP the best choice on the market.

Of the UI designs that have been praised over the past thirty years of computing – Apple Mac UX and Steve Jobs’ original WP – I rank WP as the highest rated.

But the radical UX has apparently left many users dizzy, ex-Microsoft designer Jon Bell revealed in a must-see article.

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“Being a special and unique snowflake, works of art but not design. Design must be invisible…they even try,” he noted. “We were all pissed off at how the marketing stuff turned out. But you know what was a thousand times worse? Going in, giving someone a Windows Phone and having them generally struggle with it… it felt like the chunky look of Windows Phone discouraged people more than those in love with it.

We also saw the equipment. Unsurprisingly, the most enthusiastic was Microsoft’s most loyal OEM, former contract manufacturer HTC, which had a whole “family” of devices: Mozart, Trophy and HD7 announced for Europe and APAC:

That form factor disappeared years ago, and BlackBerry brought it back last year with its Priv.

Wonder Windows Phone Number

Three months later, the world’s number one phone maker trailed Nokia Windows Phone, ending 15 years of bitter rivalry between Redmond and Espoo.

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With the biggest OEM and a great new man-friendly phone platform, surely Microsoft’s game was now losing?

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Wonder Windows Phone Number

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Wonder Windows Phone Number

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