Wood Dowels For Window Security

Wood Dowels For Window Security – Do you like the simplicity of sliding windows and doors, but are worried about how to secure sliding windows against burglars? Check out some proven ways to make your Windows hacked.

Window shopping is a popular activity among burglars as they secretly monitor your home, looking for weak spots to exploit when the time is right.

Wood Dowels For Window Security

Wood Dowels For Window Security

All puns aside, your windows give would-be burglars an enticing look at your home and the valuables inside. At the same time, they are an easy target for potential intruders because most homeowners focus on securing their doors, but often forget to secure their windows.

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According to FBI data, a burglary occurs every 26 seconds in the US. Another statistic shows that about 23% of burglars enter homes through an open or unlocked window. So, as you can see, window protection is not something to be taken lightly.

Sliding windows or sliders are a striking feature of any home or structure, providing a charming, unobstructed view of the outdoors and plenty of natural light and ventilation.

However, on the other hand, they give outsiders a clear view of your home and a pretty convenient window of opportunity to get inside.

Whether you have wooden, aluminum or PVC sliding windows, you need to protect them from burglars. Join me as I teach you how to secure sliding windows based on my experience as a home security expert and homeowner. Discover the benefits of sliding windows

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Before we dive deep into the different ways to secure sliding windows, let’s take a look at what makes them so popular among homeowners and designers. Design and functionality

Sliding windows are a great feature of any structure, whether residential or commercial, as they are sleek, modern and minimalistic.

These windows are also easy to use and allow plenty of fresh air and sunlight into your office, shop or residence.

Wood Dowels For Window Security

Because sliding windows have a simple mechanism (they slide along the upper and lower tracks of the window frame), they are often long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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Sliding windows are often used in eco-friendly spaces because they can be fastened tighter and resist air filtering, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Should I know? After we installed our sliding windows, I saw a sharp drop in my energy bill.

You can save even more if your sliding windows have insulated glass panels that provide greater protection and greater temperature control.

After exploring the advantages of installing sliding windows in your home, let’s look at how they work and identify the weak points that potential burglars try to exploit.

Modern sliding windows can be opened both horizontally and vertically. A sliding window system consists of two or more sashes that roll or slide along a pre-installed track on the lower and upper bases of the window frame:

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While sliding windows offer an attractive view and are great for ventilation, they can also be a challenge to clean because dust on sliding tracks is hard to reach. The slide rails must also be lubricated periodically.

The key to learning how to secure a sliding window is to first learn how it works and then analyze its weaknesses. Continue reading to learn more. Continue reading to learn more.

After exploring the key features of sliding windows, let’s look at what makes them attractive to thieves and burglars looking for entry into your home.

Wood Dowels For Window Security

As you can see, you need to know how to secure sliding windows to protect your home from intruders. How to secure sliding windows and make them burglar-proof

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When talking about how to secure sliding windows, it is important to develop a strategy considering their construction, structure and functionality.

As a homeowner with sliding windows, here is a list of tips, tools, and methods that I have found incredibly helpful when securing my windows:

A simple deadbolt won’t stop a determined burglar from entering your home. Factory pre-installed versions are often weak and don’t offer much of a deterrent to a determined thief.

Although there are specific window locks for different types of windows, my advice is to choose key-operated sliding locks to secure your sliding windows.

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You can drag these locks along the track and use them to open the window for ventilation and hold it steady or close it completely. If you are trying to learn how to secure vertical sliding windows, I would recommend getting these key operated locks.

Pro tip: Avoid buying plastic locks for sliding windows as they are of cheap quality and lack durability Instead, use metal locks made of aluminum or stainless steel which are strong, durable and long lasting.2. Add sheet locks

Sash locks that secure two connected sashes are also a great security feature for sliding windows, especially those that open vertically.

Wood Dowels For Window Security

A leaf lock usually consists of two parts, the handle and the lever, which are bolted to a pair of connecting leaves. Once the parts are in place, all you have to do is attach the lever to the handle mechanism to secure the sliding window and remove it whenever you want to get some fresh air.

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A good quality deadbolt lock, when properly secured, will be able to resist the force exerted by an intruder trying to pry open your window. Sash locks should be part of your strategy for how to secure vertical sliding windows.

Pro tip: You can choose old-fashioned or antique brass locks that are sturdy and add charm to your window frame. 3. Drill screws into the track

Another effective technique for securing sliding windows is a simple DIY that involves placing two screws in the top rail. The first nail is screwed perpendicular to the top rail to prevent someone from lifting the sheet from the sliding rail. The second nail is screwed horizontally to prevent the sheet from sliding sideways.

Pro tip: If you only partially screw in the horizontal nail, you can use a certain amount of active sheet to open and then fix it. This way you can open the window slightly for ventilation and it won’t open any further. Fix a pin DIY

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If you have a woodworking workshop in your garage or you like to chip in your spare time, may I suggest you make a DIY wooden dowel to hold your sliding windows and doors closed?

Simply put, a pin is a metal or wooden rod that fits between the window frame and the glass to keep the sliding sash from opening. While commercial versions are available in the market and even online, a homemade one will also serve the purpose.

Whether you want to attach sliding windows vertically or horizontally, the pins work for both styles.

Wood Dowels For Window Security

Pro tip: This is an old trick that works wonders to secure sliding glass doors, 5. Use a sliding window lock

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A sliding window lock has been installed so that it cannot be opened. This type of lock uses a lever, screw, or even a key to lock the sliding leaf in place. You can add this method to your list of tricks on how to secure sliding glass windows.

Pro Tip: Since these locks come in a variety of designs and styles, I recommend consulting with your local handyman or hardware store owner to determine which locks provide the best protection for your sliding windows. 6. Double glazed windows

When looking for different techniques on how to fasten a sliding window, it is important not to forget about double-glazed frames.

Double-glazed sliding windows are not only harder to break but also provide better insulation in your spaces both in summer and winter.

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Pro tip: You can also apply a protective window film to the inner surface of sliding double-glazed windows for added protection. Expert advice Install a home security system for added protection

As a home security expert, I always recommend installing a home security system with indoor and outdoor cameras.

From including a live feed that you can access from your phone to reporting and flagging any suspicious activity, a comprehensive security system can help protect every corner of your home.

Wood Dowels For Window Security

You can also add window alarms to your sliding windows and sync with your smart home security system. Install the child safety latch

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A common concern of many families with young children is the fear of children falling out of sliding windows.

This is a perfectly reasonable concern, and I’m a big proponent of using child locks to keep your sliding windows closed, especially if you have kids under 5 in the house. You can find many highly rated baby locks on Amazon.

In this article, we explored the benefits of having sliding windows in your home and looked at different ways on how to secure sliding windows.

A sliding door or window enhances the beauty of a space, but at the same time, you need to take proper precautions to protect them from any intruders who might want to rob you or worse.

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As they say, caution is better than cure,

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