Wood Frame Basement Windows

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I’m renovating a basement, and I’m trying to upgrade the windows to meet local requirements (Ontario, Canada). We have a standard bungalow with cinderblock walls, built in 1958.

Wood Frame Basement Windows

Wood Frame Basement Windows

As you can see in the photo, there are wooden beams and holes in the cinder block walls (I actually removed the vinyl windows). If I remove the wood, there will be more space to get a window that meets the exit requirements in the area, but the wood does not have enough space. So I’m looking for some help figuring out if the window frame is really structural.

What You Need To Know About Basement Window Installation

There doesn’t seem to be any weight on top of the windshield from the sill plate as I was able to stick the sailor in there and swing it around a bit. However, I am concerned about the window sill with 2 lower beams sitting on it without any support underneath. It seems odd that a window would be a fixture, but I think this is a 1958 house.

Can anyone give any suggestions on how to determine if it is structural or not, if it is structural is there a way I can replace the frame with a metal lintel or something?

If I can’t work out if it’s structural or not, I think I’ll just leave the top and sides there and cut a bigger hole with cinder blocks.and down, of course I will. however, rather avoid it.

*Note that I’m not trying to meet the US exit requirements, that’s for Ontario, where you only need a 3.8 sq ft space (from what I’ve researched). I plan to install a hopper style egress window like this https://bavarianwindows.com/product/egress-window-ontario/

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No standard 50’s window frames should be structural. A strong case of windows could be, but you don’t have one.

It’s in vain. You have a situation that requires a metal lintel. Support the floor just in case (I wouldn’t work under the pegs if it wasn’t

), install lintels and install windows. Avoid lowering the window sill anywhere near below grade, if possible.

Wood Frame Basement Windows

If I have to explain how to level the floor, install the lintel, or you don’t know

Replacement Windows Cost

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By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and display information in accordance with our cookie policy. I remember when I was little my mom would ask me to go downstairs (A.K.A. the dungeon to me) at night to get her something. It’s a very scary job – the basement is a dark and scary place. I ran downstairs, grabbed what I was told to get and ran back upstairs as fast as I could.

Today I’m a little older and I don’t go downstairs anymore (or now my wife sends me downstairs for things), but the basement – and many basement windows can still be a place to be up to no good. In many homes, basement windows can become rusted, moldy, and filled with tires. Some of these windows will be the ones to make your home tour. In the article below, learn 5 tricks to get rid of haunted basement windows…and maybe you’ll emerge from the fix-it journey and really enjoy your ground floor space.

• Trick #1 – Destroy the Frame – The scary part of a basement window is usually not the glass, it’s the rusted, rotted and stained frames around the glass.

This Is How To Frame A Basement, According To Mike Holmes

So – trick #1 is to clean the frame. You might say, “How can I do that?” The answer – frameless glass block windows. This type of window offers high security (and good energy) and is mounted directly on the foundation of the shed or block, thus completely eliminating the frame.

• Trick #2- Get me out of here! – Does your basement (or basement as some people call it) smell of water and mustard and does it make you feel trapped because the windows are too small to let the light in? These problems can be solved simultaneously by installing an exit window. Egress windows provide more light (to create a more comfortable living space), increasing ventilation provides a way out (which can be critical if you use part of your basement as a bedroom). The cost of the egress window is the total cost of installing one of these systems which can range from $5,000 to $7,000 (note – this price includes the cost of cutting the hole, grading the floor and the window) .

• Trick #3 – “Move” or “hop” into a better solution – Many people think that their current windows (which are rusted or damaged) will no longer be able to close if they try to open them. Another option – in addition to the glass block window or egress window mentioned in tips 2 and 3 – is a vinyl shutter or sliding glass window. The vinyl frame will do well on a low level vs. metal or wood frames because vinyl is not affected by water.

Wood Frame Basement Windows

• Trick #4 – Spiders, cobwebs, bugs and smelly people meet your game – shocking things, smelly meat and bad smell find moisture and water from the subterranean subsoil. The cure for this challenge is to improve circulation and reduce humidity. Some methods to improve circulation and reduce humidity include using basement windows with vents, adding ceiling fans, and/or using vents. This air quality and expansion may motivate you to consider finishing your basement to create a much-needed home for your family.

Basement Hopper Windows

• Trick #5 – Improve the “level” of your landscape design – It is possible that the problem with basement windows is not basement windows at all – but windows that are damaged and as a result water can enter the basement – inappropriately. grading of soil or lack of drainage around the well. Take a look around your house. Is the soil planted around the foundation or through it? If you have a well, is there enough gravel and/or drain to keep water away from the windows and foundation when you experience flooding? After this test and if you would give yourself an “F grade” for your landscaping and drainage, it’s time to dig a hole and add gravel or add soil to change the slope around the house.

How great are your basement windows? Comment below or call us for ideas and products to improve your windows and basement.

Call Innovate Building Solutions nationwide (877-668-5888) or for their local division services, including Columbus Glass Block (614-252-5888), Cleveland Glass Block (216-531-6363), or Cleveland Design and Remodeling. (216-658-1270) for tricks to get the glitz out of your basement windows and low ceilings.

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The CEO of Innovate Building Solutions is a national and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) provider of remodeling services. Some of our product lines include glass counters, floors, backsplashes, glass barriers and groutless shower and wall tubs.

Mike Foti is the president of Innovate Building Solutions, a national and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling services provider. Some of our product lines include glass cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, glass barriers and seamless shower and bath wall units. More about Mike Almost every room in your house has at least one or more windows. But one of the most overlooked rooms is your basement. The windows are smaller and less functional, but that doesn’t mean they are less important. Like other windows in your home, basement windows play an important role in home security and energy efficiency.

In this blog we will talk about some key points about basement windows. We’ll talk about the signs and when it’s time to replace them, why you should upgrade, the benefits of new basement windows, the best types, and tips for a successful basement window installation project.

Wood Frame Basement Windows

There are several signs that indicate it is time for basement window replacement. Most of these are the same icons you’ll see in other windows. They include:

How To Frame Unfinished Basement Walls

There are many good reasons to upgrade basement windows. A lot has to do with how you use your home. Here are the four most common reasons we hear from our customers as to why they plan to upgrade:

Another window

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